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Historical excerpts from club bulletins, 1947-1967

The following contains excerpts from various Cleveland Railroad Club bulletins from the years 1947 to 1967. It is not complete by any means. In some years no bulletins were printed. The early bulletins are from Marguerite Blatt whose late husband Bob was editor for many years. It is hoped that the Club will see another fifty years of railroading!

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December 1947 - Club President, Dick Cook, Treasurer, Willis McCaleb, Club work nights were wednesday and Friday at the club headquarters at 1981 East 105th St. in rear. A club display was being provided for the second floor of the Cleveland Public Library. An auction was held with Tony Krisak, club vice president as auctioneer. A total of $55.82 was raised from the sale of donated railroadiana. 32 members were present.

January 1948 - Elected club trustees were Jay Wood, Frank Lahody and Robert Blatt. New members were Karl Liebenauer, George Policy, Richard Manning, Walter Radlaff, Roy Verderber, Harry McQueen and Andrew Patrick. Cleveland Public Display committee headed by Dick Cook were attempting to look for models for display. Robert T. Blatt was Bulletin editor.

April 1948 - An excellent color movie was shown at the meeting. The film and projector were obtained by Bill Vigrass. A coming fan trip being sponsered by the NRHS, mid-west chapter, will be a round trip on the freight line of the Pennsy Railroad from Canton to New Philadelphia on Sunday, May 16th and staring from the Canton station. Fare was $4.50 per person. And by steam too! Club was in need of lumber to build lockers and shelves. Club had 28 members in good standing. A year ago membership was 25.

February 1948 - Club program was a film in color of steam and electric lines by John Holt. Another auction was planned for March 13th. A fan trip over the Erir RR from Akron to Marion, Ohio was planned for April 4th. NMRA meeting was to be held Sunday, March 21st with a trip to the Collingwood facilities of the New York Central Railroad.

March 1948 - The NMRA tour of the Collingwood shops was almost rained out. A saddle tank engine was in evidence at the shops. Meal was at Chin's restaurant. A new member was Elvor L. Davis who worked for the C&O railway. A line of brass rail has been installed around the club room and an attempt was being made to lay more trackwork and scenery. The club was planning four divisions, steam, heavy electric, interurban and street railways. Secretary Bill Swagger tendered his resignation. Mrs. Vera Wood was elected to take over his post.

June 1948 - Member and President, Dick Cook's shots graced the pages of the May issue of TRAINS magazine. The library display was completed and drew much praise. The railroad empire at the headquarters was slowly being expanded. Scenery was soon to be added. The Chicago Railroad Fair was being held in Chicago.

July 1948 - Friday was work meeting day with Bud Schmidt furnishing cold drinks. The meeting of May 8th was very hot and it was suggested that fans be obtained for the meeting room. Bob Treacey was the latest club member.

August 1948 - An interurban right of way was being put into place and cork from old ice boxes was being sought for sound deadening under the rails. Buses had been substituted for street cars on the Detroit line. The August meeting featured a movie from General Electric and a tentative tour through the Erie shops was announced. Also arrangements for a West Penn Railway trip were being planned by Dick Cook. The club had two new members, Walter Barron and Gerhard Hauser.

September 1948 - Meetings were on the second Saturday of each month at 8:00 PM. The club welcomed two new members, Bill Deitrich and Jack McGroarty. Steam railroading movies by August Patrick of Ohio and Pennsylvania railroads. Karel Liebenauer then presented more movies of the trolley and suburban systems of Vienna, Austria. 12 vistitors attended the meeting. Scenery was now being installed along the interurban line.

October 1948 - Elections were held and Bud Schmidt became president, Bill Surdyk, recording secretary, Tony Krisak, Vice-President, Vera Wood as corresponding secretary and Jay Wood as Treasurer. The resignations of Bill Vigrass and Sparty Liaty were submitted and accepted. A whole new village was being erected at the west end of the layout.

November 1948 - An railroadiana auction was to be held on November 13th. The NHRS Society, Midwest Chapter, was planning a trip through the plant of the Lima locomotive works on Sunday, November 7th. A letter was received from William D. Diemer, Activities Director of the Cleveland Cycle Club requesting permission to visit the clubroom on a Wedensday or Friday night. This was in response to an article on the Cleveland Railroad Club that appeared in the Cleveland News on Monday, November 22nd. About 10 to 20 members of the cycle club were to attend. Schedule for the trip to the Lime Locomotive Works was as follows: Leave Canton, Ohio on PRR Train No. 23 at 7:01 AM and arrive in Lima at 10:33 AM. Return from Lima on PRR No. 70 at 6:56 PM and arrive in Canton at 9:51 PM. Cost would be straight train fare, with a minimum of 25 passengers being two dollars less per person. A free lunch was to be had, courtesy of the Lima Works.

December 1948 - Bill Surdyk proposed a country-wide auction by CRC to be started and promoted by advertisements in Trains and Railroad magazines and other publications. A new member, Frank Gilfether was voted in the club. A large illustrated article describing some of the club's activities was published in The Cleveland News on November 22nd. The December meeting schedule included movies and refreshments.

January 1949 - It was approved by the members that the Cleveland Railroad Club finally by incorporated. Much of the legal service for this had already been donated to the club. It was also mentioned that members wifes were also welcome to participate in the building of the model railroads. A visitor at the meeting was Mr. Ewing Dale of Atlanta, Ga.

February 1949 - Two more new members were welcomed to the club, Don O'Sickey and Henry G. Pechman. Work was progressing on the right of ways and scenery, but lots of work still has to be done. All trains were in quarter inch scale. President Bud Schmidt announced that every CRC member who could attend the forthcoming February meeting, please do so because a subject of great importance would be announced and discussed. A fan trip on the West Penn Railway was being planned. Herb Dosey was at the February meeting to tell the club about his experiences on the old Cleveland Southwestern. Member Bob Richardson authored an article in the February issue of Trains magazine on Railroading in Palestine.

March 1949 - Herb Dosey gave a fascinating presentation on the history and operation of electric interurban railways. It was planned to have Herb continue with his series at a later meeting. Member Frank ilfether became a member of the U.S. Army. Preparations were being made by the club for the national meeting of the NMRA. The Erie Railroad finally ran into the Terminal Tower via the C.U.T. A new member who had been coming to the fan trips, joined the club. His name was Gary Dillon. The meeting featured two movies furnished by the New York Central Railroad.

April 1949 - The club welcomed four new members. Two were railfans, John Buerdet and Charles Card. The model railroad members were Dick Boyer and Harold Sugden. Harold Sugden produced a model of a 2-8-2 Locomotive and and entire train of beautifully built freight cars built from brass and copper. Planning was being made for a joint NMRA/CRC fan trip on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad over trackage which hasn't seen a passenger car in many years. The West Penn schedule was covered at the meeting. President Schmidt had a couple of items of interest that covered Cleveland streets as the part of car #1052, and which he is disposing of the highest bidder.

May 1949 - Attendance was low due to Saturday night television. Charlie Clark became a new member. Also welcomed were Ben F. Anthony Jr. and Bob Sturm. President Schmidt outlines the details for the forthcoming CRC/NMRA B&O Fan trip. The entire cost of the NMRA-B&O Announcements were defrayed by the auction RR odds and ends. There was a notice of a fan trip sponsered by the Northern Indiana Chapter of the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society. It was to be a 591 mile "ramble" from Toledo to Connellsville Pa. and return. It was to be over two days and over the W&LE and Pittsburg & West Virginia Railway. It was mentioned to stop in the Terminal to see the new Erie RR setup and also pick up a copy of the Nickel Plate Magazine from the passenger agent's office.

Details of the NMRA Regional Meet on May 7 and 8, 1949: A trip will be run over the B&O Ry, leaving the old B&O Depot on Canal Road and W. 9th St. No trains have run out of this depot for several years. We will proceed to Akron through the Cuyahoga Valley, following the old Ohio Canal. From Akron we will follow the main line to Massillon. At this point we will see the PRR and the W&LE lines. The next leg of the trip will be along the Tuscarawas River to Sterling. From Sterling the trip will return to Cleveland via the freight only line through Seville, Chippewa Lake, Medina and the valley to the place of beginning. Lunch is available on the train. The fare is $3.00 in advance or $4.25 on the train. The trip will leave Cleveland at 11:30 AM and return by 6:00 PM. Saturday night is a business meeting in the Green Room of the Hotel Allerton. On Sunday a trip on the Shaker Rapid will be arranged. Hotel Rate: 2 room suite with bath $10 to $20; Double room with bath $5.50 to $7.25. No bath but lavatory only, $4.00. Also the Club was sponsering an all day trip on the West Penn system on May 29th. Trip left Latrobe at 8:30 AM, to Hecla Jct, Greensburg, Mt. Pleasant, Connelsville, Uniontown, Brownsville and back to Uniontown via Phillps, then Connelsville, Hecla Jct and Latrobe, to arrive at 8:45 PM. Fare was $3.00 in advance.

July 1949 - A movie on the London Subway called "Moving Millions" was shown at the meeting. The club held a picnic in the rail. The Central Ohio Railfans Assn. held a fantrip on the N&W Ohio Midland RR. This line used third rail, and photo stops were held only on the few portions that used trolley wire. Another NMRA meeting was slated to be held in Cleveland and the club planned to run a fan trip on the remaining trackage of the Cleveland Railway. The Erie Railroad claimed a 25% boost in passenger traffic since it began using the Cleveland Union Terminal.

August 1949 - Attendance at the meetings had been dropping. Some members were a year behind in dues. A movie called "Chicago Railroad Fair 1948" was shown at the meeting. The NMRA meeting was scheduled for November 5th & 6th. Bill Surdyk sold some of his railroadiana and turned the proceeds to the club. A joint meeting was held with the Akron Railroad Club. Bob Blatt had been enjoying being a father for the last two months.

September 1949 - Bud Schmidt ran his movies of a variety of interurbans operating in eastern Pennsylvania. Three new members were welcomed to the club, John Cramer, Cliff Noe and Roland Peeples. A tenative deal was the possible acquisition of on the retired Shaker Cars by the club. The deal was strictly in the tentative stage however. Wednesday and Friday were work nights for the club.

October 1949 - New officers were elected. Bud Schmidt was re-elected as President, Art Finke, Vice-President, Cliff Noe, Corresponding Sectretary, Bill Dietrich, Recording Secretary, and Gerhard Hauser as Treasurer. Two members, George Polley and Elvor Davis were dropped from the roster. Karel Liebenauer announced his resignation from the club. A new interurban engineer, Walter Barron, replaced him and plans for the completion of the unfinished street railway loop were formulated and progress was being made installing it. It was adopted that non-members should donate 50 cents Annually, payable in postage stamps to help defray the mailing of the bulletin to them.

November 1949 - The November issue of TRAINS magazine featured rail shots taken by ex president Dick Cook. Dick had also been elected as President of the NHRS Chapter for this region. It was rumored that the Wheeling will be known as the W&LE District of the Nickel Plate Road. A NMRA weekend was held on November 5 and 6 and enjoyed a large attendance. A Shaker Heights Rapid Transit trip was made by a full seated load on #1200 and on a PCC. Trip cost was $1.00.

December 1949 - The meeting had an excellent turnout and enjoyed color movies by Bud Schmidt. Some if the roads were Bamberger, Denver & Intermountain, Charles City, Omaha & Council Bluffs, and West Penn. Al Shade also furnished some reels of color movies. The club had mailed over 1700 first class envelopes to NMRA members which resulted in a slight deficit for the club. It was suggested that the club fabricate a portable model railroad to be taken to various events around the city. The annual Christmas meeting was complete with many refreshments and The Akron Railroad Club was invited to attend.

February 1950 - A NYC film "The Steam Locomotive" was shown at the meeting. Also two other films, obtained by Jack McGroarty, The Chicago Railroad Fair and "Weyerhauser" lumber Co movie. A talk was again given by Herb Dosey on his years of experience as a model builder and railfan. A visitor was Carl Helfin from Alamosa, Colorado. Walter Barron resigned, and two more new club members, James A. Kane and Chuck Everett, both railfans were welcomed.

March 1950 - Auction night again and lots of good railroadiana went for reasonable prices. Member John Gaydos, working for the CTS out of Windermere station successfully bid on a book called "How To Become A Motorman". A fantrip to Cincinnati was undertaken by members Tony Krisak and Bernard Polinak to photograph the traction there. The club was planning definitely on moving.

May 1950 - On April 19th Allen Shade Jr. was told by the Trustees that his membership in the club was terminated. The NRHS was having a B&O fantrip on the 28th and included would be an inspection of the huge new coal dumper and ore handling equipment in Lorain. The club was beginning to get ready for its move to new headquarters.

July 1950 - The meeting was conducted at the pavillion at the Brecksville Metropolitan Park, in lieu of a formal meeting place. The new club facilities were to be at 17900 (rear) Detroit Ave. The building lies several hundred feet north of Detroit by an alley. It was not possible to drive in for parking, which must be done in the street. The Cleveland Press was sponsoring Cuyahoga Valley trips. A picnic and bull session were to be held with the Akron Railroad Club on July 16th.

August 1950 - The final okay for the clubs new quarters was not yet forthcoming and as yet they were temporary. Suggestions for a new club name in keeping with a club layout with that of the Cleveland area were open. The club picnic held on July 15th with the Akron Railroad Club enjoyed a nice view of the high stepper steamers near Amherst Tower along with Hudsons and Mohawks. It was a perfect day with not a diesel electric in the bunch. Another outing was planned for August 20th at a small park situated next to the tracks and station of the NYC at Vermillion. Somebody also discovered that the NKP Employee Timetable still mentions the Lake Shore Electric Railway. Another Wheeling & Lake Erie fantrip was in offing on August 12th. It starts from the W&LE Team Track at West 3rd St.

September 1950 - The W&LE Fan trip ran with NKP #176 doing the honors for some 500 railfans in six coaches and one baggage car. The Cleveland RR Club picnic in Vermillion went off on schedule on a cool day. Action included a Pennsy 2-8-2 over the low speed track headed east. Also a visit was made to the Nickel Plate "Centralized Traffic Control" plant at Vermillion, which was the high spot of the day. It was also noted, that due to the Korean War, photography of rail equipment, car shops, roundhouses etc that discloses the locale and extent of same was prohibited, except when otherwise issued a pass by the GM of the railroad. The club meeting was being held to determine the status of the club space for the meetings.

October 1950 - Discussion was made at the meeting on the prohibition of railroad photography by the US Government from a national security viewpoint. Ray Turk of the CTS paid a visit to the club. His request was that the club build a 1/4 inch scale trolley system to be displayed at City Hall. Six days were alloted for construction and with lots of hard work and overtime the display was finished. Member Dick Manning went into the US Army, and Bill Dietrich went off to Yale University. Bud Schmidt went south on a vacation. Meetings were still being held at 17900 Detroit Ave. Leads for a permanent location were being followed.

November 1950 - Meetings were still being held at 17900 Detroit Ave. A writeup appeared in the transportation column of the Cleveland Press with respect to the clubs need for new space.

January 1951 - Member Don O'Sickey was off for the US Air Force. New space at 15207 Detroit Ave., had been finally been secured for permanent space for the club. Member Bob Blatt, the bulletin editor, took a vacation trip to see the Indiana Harbor Belt Rwy. Bob went through the huge deserted roundhouse. He noted that one of the roads towers in Hammond with several railroad crossovers lay at grade right in the pavement of the towns main street and the junction of the Michigan Central, IHB, Erie, C&O, NKP and Monon. On week days he was told there was a train every 3 or 4 minutes.

February 1951 - The business meeting was somewhat longer than usual. New officers were, Tony Krisak, President, Art Finke, Vice President, John Buerket, Recording Sectretary, Cliff Noe, Corresponding Secretary, and Gerhard Hauser as Treasurer. It was mentioned that the CA&E in Chicago had suspended operations due to a forthcoming strike. Despite the new address, the club was still looking for new space, which due to the Korean war was hard to find.

April 1951 - The treasurers report continued to show a few delinquent dues, but a healthy balance. A discussion was held on the subject of expanding the club's interest into other fields than model building exclusively. It was pointed out that a model railroad needs room. There are many diverse interests of the various members. Workshop nights were held at Bud Schmidt's workshop.

July 1951 - Current expenses of the Cleveland Railroad Club. Cash on hand, May 1950 - $229.99. Dues collected - $207.50. Other income - $40.21. Expenses from May 1950 to May 1951 - $171.84. Cash on hand, May 1951 - $305.86. Current monthly expenses were approximately $12.50. Physical property consisted of 506 feet of brass running rail, 150 feet of operating trackage, switch machines, 3 panel boards, motive power and rolling stock, buildings, and other assorted supplies, total worth about $350.00.

Sunday, September 30, 1951 - The Cleveland Railroad Club ran a street car fan trip over all the remaining lines of the Cleveland Transit System using a Type "4004" car. It covered West 25th St, Madison Ave, Lorain Ave, Clark Ave, West 65th St., East 55th St, Superior Ave., Harvard Yards, St. Clair Station and Brooklyn Station. The trip began at 9 AM at Ontario St, South of the Public Square. Many picture stops were made and refreshments were made available on the car so as not to have to stop to eat along the way. Fare for the trip was $2.25 in advance or $2.50 on the car.

November 1951 - Attendance was smaller than usual. More offers for club space were forthcoming. Members Mike Sidor and Bill McCaleb renewed their memberships. Cliff Noe presented a letter from Frank Gilfether announcing his resignation from the club in view of the fact his family has moved to Chicago. A fantrip over the Shaker Rapid was to be conducted by a Dayton club.

December 1951 - The November meeting turned out a full house much to President Krisaks pleasure. A dozen reels of rail movies were shown by Frank Lahody and Bud Schmidt. CRC members began a toy rebuilding project for youngsters which was finished in two weeks. A social gathering was held with family members attending. Meetings were still being held at 15207 Detroit Ave.

January 1952 - Thanks to the clubs toy rebuilding program, 40 children were made happy. The annual election of officers was held. Presiden was Charles J. Clark; Vice President: Bill Johns; Recording Secretary: Bob Treacy; Treasurer: Bill Deitrick and Corresponding Secretary: Cliff Noe. Bill McCaleb was put in charge of public relations duties.

The year 1963 marked a turning point in the club's history. The club now consisted of two factions, those who wanted to operate a model railroad, and those who just wanted to meet and see slides and movies. Of course, both factions were rail fans, but each has different ideas. So the club members chose sides. Those who wanted to operate model trains stayed in the old Detroit Ave. quarters, and the others, who called themselves "The Cleveland Railroad Club" went into new quarters at the YMCA at 16915 Detroit Ave., Lakewood. The meeting room was rented each month for the sum of $7.00.

A fan trip was run in 1963 by new club member Ron Leitch and his wife Mary. Utilizing a charcter bus, it featured a visit to the Pennsylvania rail yards at Conway, Pa., plus a three hour trip via chartered trolley over lines of the Pittsburg Railways. The bus was chartered from Berea Bus lines was amaible driver Any Columbus.

Free donuts and coffee were provided in the morning. On arrival at the Conway Yards, the Pennsylvania Railroad pulled out all the stops for us. One group was a tour through the hump tower with allits mechanical switching relays, and the other group enjoyed a caboose ride through the yards. Lunch was at the YMCA cafeteria in the yards. An excellent brochure on yard operations were presented to each member. From the yards our bus went to South Hills station, where we met our chartered trolley. As Pittsburg still had a large trolley system, we covered a large amount of lines, including many to be abandoned. A trip up the Fineview line was not to be forgotten. As we did not have enough club members to support the trip, free announcements in the newspapers managed to fill up the 45 passenger bus. On the way back to Cleveland in the late evening, a stop was made at a buffet for dinner. As for costs, chartering a bus from Berea Bus lines for the trip was $75.00. A Pittsburg streetcar was chartered for three hours at the rate of $15.00 an hour. Insurance to cover the club members in case of accidents came to $25.00. Fare for trip was $8.50 per person. The club realized a profit of $50.00

April 1966 - Member Paul Hedrick presented a program of slides of steam in Canada. March minutes disclosed that the current balance on hand was $340.28. John Swift was Treasurer. Bob Wiesenberger was President. It was proposed to run a fantrip via a B&O RDC from Cleveland to Sandusky. However since a minimum of 150 fares at $10.00 each was a bit too much for the club and the plan was dropped. Opinions were asked as to the using of name tags for each member at the meeting. Head of the membership committee was Frank Gifford. The first reading of the application of Richard Novak was held. It was suggested that J. William Vigrass, former president and now residing in Columbus, be given honorary membership status. Motion was carried. A roster of all members was being prepared. Some of the current members then were John Grecol, Frank Gifford, John Alden. The guest speaker at the March meeting was John Rehor, author of the Nickel Plate Story. The book was sold to members at a big saving. Former member, Ken Brownlee out of the army after 2 years, visited the club. Ken had moved to Florida. Other members were Ron Jedlicka and guest Ruth Gifford.

July 1966 - Meeting started at 9 PM. Slide show was again given by Paul Hedrick. John Swift, Treasurer reported new worth as $346.59. One of the guests was a female railfan from Rochester, N.Y. Application for membership of Gerald Deucher was read. Five CRC members, Ron Leitch, Johm Grecol, John Swift, Neil Hogan and Gerald Deucher attended the 4th of July ERA convention in Chicago. Featured were fan trips on IC, CTA and CSS&SB. Rail news locally was that CTS had purchased 20 new air conditioned rapid cars from Pullman Standard. Cars were 70 feet long and held 76 passengers and were called "Airporters". A trial to use automatic coded ticketing was to be instituted by CTS in the future. The ex-NKP passenger cars, City of Painesville, City of Erie, City of Kokomo, City of Muncie and City of Ft. Wayne were now reported to be operating on the Canadian National. New CN names were Riverdale, Riverlen, Riverside, Riverfield and Riverview.

October 1966 - The program which consisted of Canadian steam and electric was given by Dave McKay. Meeting called to order at 9:20 PM. Treasurers report showed $302.34. President Wiesenberger brought to the memberships attention that he had been invited to the Donald C. Hyde testimonial dinner in September. Mr. Deucher inquired as to the status of an old B&O Diner stored on a spur track alongside the west side rapid. Bob Blatt explained that the Ohio Carbon Co. had bought the car for the possible use of a cafeteria for the plant. Gary Dillon informed the members that member John Alden had suffered a heart attack on Labor Day and is in the Akron City Hospital. Applications for membership for David McKay, John McCown and Norman S. Eighmy were read. Gary Dillon advised the members that the Akron RR Club has been granted the last charter trip over the Pittsburg Railways for the foreseeable future as vandalism and stealing by railfans on a Labor Day trip would not be tolerated. Two persons were caught making off with PAT items including parts and tools.

November 1966 - The program which consisted of railroads in Colorado was given by Gerald Deucher. Club treasury balance amounted to 301.34. A committee was appointed for the forth coming election of officers. The Ohio Railway Museum had requested donations for its museum. Tim Bailey made a motion that further discussion be tabled. Other news was the publication of the Northern Ohio book by the CERA by Jim Blower. It was noticed that the Garfield Heights Service Dept. was finally pulling up the remains of the old Cleveland Railway trackage at the intersection of Edgepark Dr. and Turney Road.

December 1966 - Bob Wiesenberger gave a program on the new Monreal Metro system. It was well prepared and interesting and followed by a GE movie on rapid transit. The customary Christmas buffet followed. Club Treasury was getting lower with balance of $286.34. Mention was made of some members dues which were in arrears. The President stated that income was just about even with expediturs. James Blower, one of the authors of CERA Bulletin 109 was present at the meeting and gave us a few words about his publication. Officers were elected as follows: Robert Wiesenberger, President, Gerald Deucher, Vice President, John Swift, Treasurer, Robert Blatt, Secretary and Paul Hedrick, Trustee.

January 1967 - The program consisted of John Swift who showed Super 8 movies of his trip to Europe. He also ran a film of steam fan trips from 1966. Club member, John Alden, who had previously suffered a heart attack and who had been on his way to recovery, suffered a fatal heart attack in the Greyhound Terminal on December 28th while waiting for a bus to return to Akron. John had moved to Cleveland in 1949 to be closer to rail activity. When the B&O dropped their Cleveland-Akron train service, John moved back to Akron. John was a bachelor and was 61 years old and a retired insurance man. Meeting began at 9:20 PM. Clubs balance was now down to $288.34. Mr. Robert Korach was present and gave us an account of developments in mass transportation. A second reading was made for membership of James McMullen. Bob Blatt had completed one of his excellent drawings of a NYC Hudson engine and had it at the meeting for the members to see. A rumor that Gerry Brooking was abandoning his Trolleyville in Olmstead Falls was checked by a phone call to Gerry who said that no such thinkg was contemplated. He also was anticipating delivery of a car from Blackpool, England. In Pittsburg all the east end trolley lines were abandoned on January 13th, leaving only the lines for South Hills left. Euclid Railfans ran a Snowflake Special over the Shaken Rapid. Fare was $3.95. CTS sold all the overhead copper trolley lines for scrap. It was estimated that 5000 poles still remain.

March 1967 - The program consisted of a showing by Jim McMullen of his excellent slides of Midwestern railroads such as C&O, P&O. Erie-Lackawanna and a steam fan trip from Detroit to Toledo. The meeting was called to order at 9:15 PM by President Wiesenberger. Treasurer, John Swift presented a very comparative report of 1965-66 of Club expenses and income. It showed income in 1965 as $165.13 and in 1966 as $163.78. Expenses in 1965 were $157.52 and $200.15 in 1966. There was a net gain of $5.63 in 1965 and $286.83 in 1966. There was second reading on applications of Dale Zimmerman and Mark McNulty and the first reading for James Sepesi. Meeting was adjourned at 9:30 PM. Club President Bob Wiesenberger was confined to St. Vincent Charity hospital for several weeks. His seeing eye dog, Paula kept him company for the duration of the visit. The Shaker Heights Rapid bought a $124,500 automatic DC substation from England for the substation at East 130th St. and Woodland replacement. Club member Jim Smith was desirous of purchasing slides of Pittsburg streetcars. An ex C&LE box motor setting the Shaker yards belong to Ron Jedlicka. Ron was planning to overhaul the diesel engine in it, which had been installed by its previous owner, American Aggregates Corp. so it could run without benefit of overhead wire. Club member Bill Vigrass returned from a trip to Jordan. And bulletin editor, Ron Leitch, was still pleading for articles for the bulletin.

June 1967 - Gerald Deucher presented a program of slides from Canada and the US. The program will be in two parts, one in June and the other in July. The meeting began at 9:12 PM by President John Grecol. Treasurers report showed a current balance of $389.40. Trustee Jim McMullen presented application of membership for Dennis Talbot, Richard Sherwood was voted in as a member. Bruce Young was the head of the entertainment committee. Richard Novak was the club secretary. Meeting adjournment at 9:35 PM. There was quite an excellent turnout at the CEI power plant at Avon Lake on May 24th when club members had a chance to view the company's fireless cooker #7, in action. CEI Co. employees had reportedly spent 8 hours of preparation before operating the engine, which was not in regular use. It had operated so infrequently that even CEI employees and their families showed up for this occasion. At Tim Bailey's request, the engine was operated for over an hour and a half, up and down the various trackage at the read of the Avon Lake plant. Despite the fact that the engine is not a live steamer, but runs on stored steam, it was a thrill to see this once in a lifetime event. CEI has two diesels, one of which is a 70 tonner and equipped with a remote control. So it can be operated from the ground. After the steam trip, our members split up into various groups for hour and a half tours through the plant. Penn Central had a hearing in Cleveland for the dropping the remaining eight passenger trains that operate through Cleveland.

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