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© John Durant   © PRR 2574 Enola, PA 4-27-03 Kris Klemick

Welcome to the Conrail enthusiast's home terminal! This site has been created as an outlet for Conrail employees, former employees, modelers, photographers, and all other rail enthusiasts to come together and enjoy Big Blue! Future plans include a complete image library loaded with pics, locomotive data, prior work ethics, freight schedules, employee timetables and much more! There are a great bunch of people on the CRCorp Yahoo list who all share a common enthusiasm for Big Blue. There's also a wealth of knowledge available from fans, modelers, collectors and employees alike! I hope you take as much to this great railroad as I and we welcome your input and hope to talk with you soon. Take a moment and join our CRCorp Yahoo Group for the message board and other info!

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© CR 6855 4-28-03 Harrisburg, PA Kris Klemick 1998-2004 Locomotive Repaint List
© CR 6071 5-1-02 on 14G Kris Klemick 1998-2003 Locomotive Class / Marker Light Status
© CR 9521, 9506 3-7-03 Retired Enola, PA Kris Klemick Stored Units 2001-2004
© CR 9521 derailed Enola, PA Kris Klemick Wrecked Units
© CR Caboose 19820 Kris Klemick Conrail Caboose Sightings
© CR Dash 8 Builders Plate Doug Wetherhold Prior Heritage, Builders Numbers, Build Dates, etc
'Railfans' trackside in Renovo, PA © Kris Klemick Trackside Reports
Updated 2-4-04
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© CR 6195, 6166 3-25-03 CP Banks on a 511 Kris Klemick Solid CR Lashups
© April 1, 1987 Newberry Yard Yardmaster Report Kris Klemick Newberry Yard Reports
© CR 6285 nosed with NS 9178 on 4-2-03 Enola, PA Kris Klemick CR to NS Renumbering Roster
© CR 4113 now CSX 806 on 12-9-02 Enola, PA Kris Klemick CR to CSX Renumbering Roster
© Former LMS 717 2-15-03 Enola, PA Kris Klemick LMS to NS, CSX, CN Renumbering Roster
Railfanning Pennsylvania? Pennsylvania Area Signals and Radio Frequencies
Q & A A closer look at Questions & Answers from Conrail'ers

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Paint Transition Dates 

  Click Here For The Latest Conrail News Information-    7-12-04 CR North Jersey SAA On-Board Work Order System            7-4-04 SD80MAC 4105 Confirmation            7-2-04 SD80MAC In Horsehead Paint            7-1-04 Pemberton Industrial Track            6-24-04 Conrail Institutes New Security Measure            6-7-04 CSX Repaint            5-13-04 CONRAIL Historical Society, Inc.            5-13-04 Former CR Units to KCS            5-10-04 B23-7 to Pennsy Supply            5-3-04 NS and CSX Urge STB to End 5 Year Oversight            5-2-04 SD60M's Painted            4-27-04 Chemical Coast Secondary Rahway Moveable Bridge            4-23-04 CSX and NS File For Direct Ownership of Conrail Subsidiaries            4-21-04 CR North Jersey SAA Bayshore Lead            4-20-04 Enola, PA Scrapping Freight Cars            4-19-04 GP38-2 Repainted After Overhaul            3-31-04 Amboy Secondary Signal Construction            3-24-04 Three More NS Repaints            3-22-04 More Morrisville Line Signal Changes            3-19-04 B23-7 Headed For RMDI            3-18-04 GP38-2 Slated For Overhaul            3-16-04 Chemical Coast Secondary Rahway Moveable Bridge            3-15-04 SD50's Head For Paducah, KY            3-14-04 Pavonia Yard Remote Control Zone Changed            3-8-04 CR Detroit SAA NORAC RULE 706 SPECIAL INSTRUCTION            3-5-04 Wide Load Detectors For Pavonia Yard            3-1-04 Latest NS / CSX Repaints            2-26-04 CR South Jersey SAA Chemical Coast Sewaren (MP18.2)            2-25-04 CR Power Stored At Altoona, PA            2-22-04 CR South Jersey SAA Morrisville Line            2-20-04 CR C40-8W Unwanted Paint Scheme            2-19-04 CR GP38 Confliction            2-16-04 NS Repaint Verifications            2-14-04 2 CSX Repaints, GP40-2 Retirement            2-10-04 Junction Yard Secondary            2-2-04 Southern Secondary            2-2-04 Morrisville Line between MORRIS and MY            1-31-04 SD60M Repainted            1-25-04 SD40-2 Repainted            1-25-04 SD45-2 Repainted            1-23-04 Conrail Express Damaged            1-18-04 SD40-2R Repainted            1-18-04 SW1500 Blows Main Generator            1-11-04 GP38-2 Engine Failure            1-5-04 C40-8W Repainted            1-5-04 CR C40-8 Derails Into Kiski River            1-2-04 Conrail Revises NORAC Rule 291            12-27-03 SW1001 Repainted            12-22-03 SD40-2 Derailment            12-19-03 Port Running and Robbinsville Industrial Track            12-18-03 Morrisville Yard Office Falls            12-14-03 Penn Central Lives, 4-1-76 revisited            12-12-03 CR SW1001 Wrecked            12-11-03 CR SAA South Jersey Morrisville Yard            12-8-03 SD60M Damaged            12-7-03 SD40-2 Car vs Train            12-1-03 Pavonia Yard            11-27-03 Mother / Slug Pair Repainted            11-22-03 Delmoor Industrial Track            11-14-03 Pemberton Industrial Track            11-14-03 Pavonia Yard Track Work            11-7-03 B40-8 Fire            11-2-03 C40-8W Repainted            10-25-03 Remote Control At CR SAA Pavonia            10-21-03 CSX Repaints SD80's            10-20-03 Interlocking Changes On Detroit SAA            10-16-03 More CSX Repaints            10-10-03 SW1001 Moves To New Owner            10-7-03 CR Test Unit Q-1, 5 More Repaints, NS Sends CR Cab For Display            10-6-03 Sterling Secondary Changes            10-1-03 First CSX Repaint In Months Released            9-30-03 Units Stored At Conway, PA            9-30-03 4 More NS Repaints            9-21-03 CR Dash 8 Fire Damage            9-18-03 CR units at Larry's Truck & Electric            9-15-03 Stored GP38's At Enola, PA            9-15-03 Stored Camp Cars At South Philadelphia Yard            9-10-03 Pair of Special Paint Units Stored            9-4-03 GP40-2's released for truck train pair            9-2-03 Oak Island Engine House       Click Here For The Latest Conrail News Information  

© Former CR 6113 3-10-03 Enola, PA Kris Klemick
 Conrail Image Library 
Updated Constantly!
© Former CR 6285 4-2-03 front Enola, PA Kris Klemick

Employee Resource Center
ERC will be live as soon as additional material is uploaded. Inside you'll find a vast selection of Timetables, schedules and more... stay tuned!

© Mifflin, PA Mike Horst
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A Brief History of Conrail

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