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< >PRR 6219

33800 to 33899

Serial #Built DateOrder NumberModelRoad No.Road No. Road No.Road No.Road No.Road No.
33800.7076-4GP38PRSL 2003CR 7663BAR 91BAR 362..
33801.7076-5GP38PRSL 2004CR 7664BAR 92BAR 355WAMX 3826.
3380202.685736-1GP38TAG 1SOU 2879NS 2879...
3380309.684532-SW1001DEEX 217.....
3380412.677993-1SD45PRR 6170PC 6170CR 6170CNW 6500HLCX 6400.
33805.7993-SD45PRR 6171PC 6171CR 6171sfs Pielet Bros .1983..
3380612.677993-3SD45PRR 6172PC 6172CR 6172CNW 6501MKCX 9030.
3380712.677993-4SD45PRR 6173PC 6173CR 6173CNW 6502Rebuilt to SD40M-2CSXT 8487
3380812.677993-5SD45PRR 6174PC 6174CR 6174CNW 6503HLCX 6506.
3380912.677993-6SD45PRR 6175PC 6175CR 6175CNW 6504MRL 370IMRL 370
3381012.677993-7SD45PRR 6176PC 6176CR 6176CNW 6505MKCX 9034HLCX 9034
3381112.677993-8SD45PRR 6177PC 6177CR 6177CNW 6177Rebuilt to SD40M-2CSXT 8478
3381212.677993-9SD45PRR 6178PC 6178CR 6178CNW 6507to NREX O6.94.
33813.7993-SD45PRR 6179PC 6179CR 6179sfs Pielet Bros 01.83..
3381412.677993-SD45PRR 6180PC 6180CR 6180CNW 6508MPI 9024.
3381512.677993-SD45PRR 6181PC 6181CR 6181CNW 6181Rebuilt to SD40-2KCS 618
3381612.677993-SD45PRR 6182PC 6182CR 6182CNW 6182MPI 9027.
3381712.677993-14SD45PRR 6183PC 6183CR 6183CNW 6183Rebuilt to SD40M-2CSXT 8486
33818.7993-SD45PRR 6184PC 6184CR 6184sfs NIMX..
3381912.677993-SD45PRR 6185PC 6185CR 6185CNW 6512to NREX 02.90.
3382012.677993-SD45PRR 6186PC 6186CR 6186CNW 6513EIRR 6513WAMX 4503
3382112.677993-SD45PRR 6187PC 6187CR 6187CNW 6514Rebuilt to SD40M-3SP 8611UP 2687
3382212.677993-19SD45PRR 6188PC 6188CR 6188CNW 6515Rebuilt to SD40M-3SP 8608
3382301.687993-20SD45PRR 6189PC 6189CR 6189CNW 6516MKCX 9032hlcx 9032
3382401.687993-SD45PRR 6190PC 6190CR 6190CNW 6517MPI 9029.
3382501.687993-22SD45PRR 6191PC 6191CR 6191CNW 6518to NREX 04.90.
3382601.687993-SD45PRR 6192PC 6192CR 6192CNW 6192Rebuilt to SD40M-3SP 8655
3382701.687993-SD45PRR 6193PC 6193CR 6193CNW 6520Rebuilt to SD40M-3SP 8595UP 2671
3382801.687993-SD45PRR 6194PC 6194CR 6194CNW 6194MPI 9028MKCX 9028
33829.7993-SD45PRR 6195PC 6195CR 6195...
3383001.687993-SD45PRR 6196PC 6196CR 6196CNW 6196Rebuilt to SD40M-3SP 8675
3383101.687993-28SD45PRR 6197PC 6197CR 6197CNW 6523HLCX 6501.
3383201.687993-29SD45PRR 6198PC 6198CR 6198CNW 6524Rebuilt to SD40M-3SP 8615UP 2691
33833.7993-SD45PRR 6199PC 6199CR 6199sfs Pielet Bros 01.83..
33834.7993-SD45PRR 6210PC 6210CR 6210sfs Pielet Bros 01.83..
3383501.687993-32SD45PRR 6211PC 6211CR 6211CNW 6535:1CNW 6534Rebuilt to SD40M-3SP 8606UP 2682
3383601.687993-SD45PRR 6212PC 6212CR 6212CNW 6535:2Rebuilt to SD40M-3SP 8607UP 2683
3383701.687993-34SD45PRR 6213PC 6213CR 6213CNW 6213Rebuilt to SD40M-2CSXT 8482
3383801.687993-35SD45PRR 6214PC 6214CR 6214CNW 6537HLCX 6504.
3383901.687993-SD45PRR 6215PC 6215CR 6215CNW 6538MKCX 9505Rebuilt to SD40M-3SP 8662UP 2738
3384001.687993-SD45PC 6219CR 6219CNW 6542MRL 368IMRL 368
3384401.687993-SD45PRR 6220PC 6220CR 6220CNW 6543MRL 374IMRL 374
3384501.687993-42SD45PRR 6221PC 6221CR 6221CNW 6544HLCX 6500.
3384601.687993-SD45PRR 6222PC 6222CR 6222CNW 6222MKCX 9035.
3384701.687993-SD45PRR 6223PC 6223CR 6223CNW 6546MPI 9023.
3384801.687993-SD45PRR 6224PC 6224CR 6224CNW 6547Rebuilt to SD45CATCNW 6000Rebuilt to SD45M-3HLCX 6600
3384901.687993-46SD45PRR 6225PC 6225CR 6225CNW 6548MKCX 9506Rebuilt to SD40M-3HLCX 6514
3385001.687993-SD45PRR 6226PC 6226CR 6226CNW 6226Rebuilt to SD40M-3SP 8613
3385101.687993-SD45PRR 6227PC 6227CR 6227CNW 6550MKCX 9038.
3385201.687993-SD45PRR 6228PC 6228CR 6228CNW 6228ti EMD 08.86.
3385301.687993-SD45PRR 6229PC 6229CR 6229CNW 6229ti EMD 08.86.
3385401.687993-SD45PRR 6230PC 6230CR 6230CNW 6553Rebuilt to SD40M-3SP 8652
33855.7993-SD45PRR 6231PC 6231CR 6231CNW 6554ti EMD 08.86.
33856.7993-SD45PRR 6232PC 6232CR 6232CNW 6232ti EMD 08.86.
3385701.687993-SD45PRR 6233PC 6233CR 6233CNW 6556MRL 375IMRL 375
3385801.687993-55SD45PRR 6234PC 6234CR 6234CNW 6557Rebuilt to SD40M-3CSXT 8484
3385901.687090-SD45PRR 6200PC 6200CR 6200CNW 6525EIRR 6525WAMX 4504
3386001.687090-SD45PRR 6202PC 6202CR 6202CNW 6527Rebuilt to SD40M-3SP 8614UP 2690
3386101.687090-SD45PRR 6204PC 6204CR 6204CNW 6529MRL 372.
3386201.687090-SD45PRR 6206PC 6206CR 6206CNW 6206Rebuilt to SD40M-3SP 8654UP 2730
3386301.687090-5SD45PRR 6208PC 6208CR 6208CNW 6532Rebuilt to SD40M-3SP 8616UP 2692
3386401.687091-1SD45PRR 6201PC 6201CR 6201CNW 6526to NREX 04.90.
3386501.687091-SD45PRR 6203PC 6203CR 6203CNW 6528Rebuilt to SD40M-3SP 8610UP 2686
3386601.687091-SD45PRR 6205PC 6205CR 6205CNW 6530to VMV 10.89.
33867.7091-SD45PRR 6207PC 6207CR 6207...
3386801.687091-SD45PRR 6209PC 6209CR 6209CNW 6533MKCX 9504Rebuilt to SD40M-2HLCX 6513
3386902.687057-16GP40CBQ 635BN 3035Rebuilt to GP40MBN 3521BNSF 3020.
3387002.687057-GP40CBQ 636BN 3036FEC 438...
3387102.687057-18GP40CBQ 637BN 3037Rebuilt to GP40MBN 3522BNSF 3021.
3387202.687057-19GP40CBQ 638BN 3038Rebuilt to GP40MBN 3523BNSF 3022.
3387302.687057-GP40CBQ 639BN 3039Scrapped BN 08.85...
3388107.687093-1GP40WA 702SBD 6791CSXT 6791KCS 4756..
3388207.687093-2GP40AWP 727SBD 6647CSXT 6647To Progress Rail..
3388307.687093-3GP40GA 753SBD 6655CSXT 6655CSXT 9708..
3388407.687093-4GP40GA 754SBD 6656CSXT 6656to MK..
3389506.68711084SD40MexicoNDM 8500FNM 8500TFM 1300..
3389606.68711085SD40MexicoNDM 8501FNM 8501TFM 1301..
3389706.68711086SD40MexicoNDM 8502....
3389803.684533-1SW1500MTFR 302.....
3389903.684535-1SW1500W.R.Grace 102.....
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