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Irish Narrow Gauge - Locomotives and Railcars

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!? Locomotives by Line

!? Ballymena, Cushendall & Red Bay Railway

1 60 101 101/101A Black Hawthorn No.301 0-4-2ST
2 61 102 102A Black Hawthorn No.302 0-4-2ST
3 62 103 103 Black Hawthorn No.303 0-4-2ST

!? Ballymena & Larne Railway

1 63 104 Beyer Peacock No.1687 2-4-0T
2 65 106 Beyer Peacock No.1700 0-6-0T
4 64 105 Beyer Peacock No.1828 2-4-0T
3 66 107 Beyer Peacock No.1701 0-6-0T
5 68 109 Beyer Peacock No.1947 2-6-0ST
6 67 108 Beyer Peacock No.2304 0-6-0T
69 110 Beyer Peacock No.3463 2-4-2T
70 111 44 Beyer Peacock No.3464 2-4-2T
112/102/42 NCC York Rd No.11 2-4-2T
113/101/41 NCC York Rd No.12 2-4-2T
103 NCC York Rd No.14 2-4-2T
104/43 NCC York Rd No.15 2-4-2T
/todo/ : INGV2 says: lo blr 54 (bp built 1889) renum 1897 105 b-5-p35-

!? Ballycastle Railway

1 "Dalriada" Black Hawthorn No.554 0-6-0ST
2 "Countess of Antrim" Black Hawthorn No.555 0-6-0ST
3 "Lady Boyd" Black Hawthorn No.513 0-6-0ST
32 113 Kitson No.4665 4-4-2T
4 114 Kitson No.4666 4-4-2T

!? Cork, Blackrock & Passage Railway

(Locos 1-3 were standard (5'3") gauge)
4/4P Neilson, Reid No.5561 2-4-2T
5/5P Neilson, Reid No.5562 2-4-2T
6/6P Neilson, Reid No.5563 2-4-2T
7/7P Neilson, Reid No.5564 2-4-2T

!? County Donegal Railways

1 (first) "Alice" Sharp, Stewart No.3023 2-4-0T
2 (first) "Blanche" Sharp, Stewart No.3021 2-4-0T
2A/2 "Stranorlar"/"Blanche" Nasmyth, Wilson No.956 2-6-4T
3(first) "Lydia" Sharp, Stewart No.3022 2-4-0T
3A/3 "Strabane"/"Lydia" Nasmyth, Wilson No.957 2-6-4T
4(first) "Meenglas" Neilson No.4573 4-6-0T
5 "Drumboe" Neilson No.4574 4-6-0T
6 "Inver" Neilson No.4575 4-6-0T
7 "Finn" Neilson No.4576 4-6-0T
8(first) "Foyle" Neilson No.4577 4-6-0T
9 (first) "Columbkille" Neilson No.4578 4-6-0T
10 (first) "Sir James" Neilson, Reid No.6103 4-4-4T
11 (first) "Hercules" Neilson, Reid No.6104 4-4-4T
12 (first)/9 "Eske" Nasmyth, Wilson No.697 4-6-4T
13/10 "Owenea" Nasmyth, Wilson No.698 4-6-4T
14/11 "Erne" Nasmyth, Wilson No.699 4-6-4T
15/12 "Mourne" Nasmyth, Wilson No.700 4-6-4T
16/4 "Donegal"/"Meenglas" Nasmyth, Wilson No.828 2-6-4T
17/5 "Glenties"/"Drumboe" Nasmyth, Wilson No.829 2-6-4T
18/6 "Killybegs"/"Columbkille" Nasmyth, Wilson No.830 2-6-4T
19 "Letterkenny" Nasmyth, Wilson No.831 2-6-4T
20/8 "Raphoe"/"Foyle" Nasmyth, Wilson No.832 2-6-4T
21/1 "Ballyshannon"/"Alice" Nasmyth, Wilson No.958 2-6-4T

!? Castlederg & Victoria Bridge Tramway

1 "Mourne" Kitson No.T106 0-4-0T
2 "Derg" Kitson No.T107 0-4-0T
3 Kitson No.T257 0-4-0T
4 Hudswell, Clarke No.698 2-6-2T
5 Hudswell, Clarke No.978 0-4-4T
6 Beyer Peacock No.1828 2-4-0T
C&VBT Railcar

!? Cavan & Leitrim Railway

1/1L "Isabel" Robert Stephenson & Co. No.2612 4-4-0T
2/2L "Kathleen" Robert Stephenson & Co. No.2613 4-4-0T
3/3L "Lady Edith" Robert Stephenson & Co. No.2614 4-4-0T
3T Hunslet No.479 2-6-0T
4/4L "Violet" Robert Stephenson & Co. No.2615 4-4-0T
4T Kerr, Stuart No.836 2-6-0T
5 "Gertrude" Robert Stephenson & Co. No.2616 4-4-0T
5T Hunslet No.555 2-6-2T
6/6L "May" Robert Stephenson & Co. No.2617 4-4-0T
6T Hunslet No.667 2-6-0T
7/7L "Olive" Robert Stephenson & Co. No.2618 4-4-0T
8/8L "Queen Victoria" Robert Stephenson & Co. No.2619 4-4-0T
9/9L "King Edward" Robert Stephenson & Co. No.3136 0-6-4T
10L Neilson, Reid No.5561 2-4-2T
11L Neilson, Reid No.5562 2-4-2T
12L Neilson, Reid No.5563 2-4-2T
13L Neilson, Reid No.5564 2-4-2T

!? Cork & Muskerry Railway

1/1K "City of Cork" Falcon Engine & Car Works No.137 2-4-0T/4-4-0T
2/2K "Coachford" Falcon Engine & Car Works No.136 2-4-0T/4-4-0T
3 "St. Annes" Falcon Engine & Car Works No.138 2-4-0T/4-4-0T
4 "Blarney" Kitson No.235 0-4-2WT
4(second)/4K "Blarney" Hunslet No.1200 4-4-0T
5/5K "Donoughmore" T. Green No.180 0-4-4T
6/6K/6S "The Muskerry" T. Green No.200 0-4-4T
7/7K "Peake" Brush Electrical No.274 4-4-0T
8/8K "Dripsey" Brush Electrical No.307 4-4-0T

/todo/ who? when?, lo 9: [CMLRJ: b-6-p75- e-5-p73- ]

!? Clogher Valley Railway

1 "Caledon" Sharp, Stewart No.3369 0-4-2T
2 "Errigal" Sharp, Stewart No.3370 0-4-2T
3 "Blackwater" Sharp, Stewart No.3371 0-4-2T
4 "Fury" Sharp, Stewart No.3372 0-4-2T
5 "Colebrooke" Sharp, Stewart No.3373 0-4-2T
6 "Erne" Sharp, Stewart No.3374 0-4-2T
7 "Blessingbourne" Hudswell, Clarke No.914 0-4-4T
8 Atkinson, Walker No.114 0-2-0Tractor
4(second) Hudswell, Clarke No.698 2-6-2T

!? Dublin & Lucan Tramway

Manlove, Alliot & Fryer No.1 2-4-2Tram
1 Kitson No.dlt1 0-4-0Tram
2 Kitson No.dlt2 0-4-0Tram
3 Kitson No.dlt3 0-4-0Tram
4 Kitson No.dlt4 0-4-0Tram
5 Kitson No.dlt5 0-4-0Tram
6 Kitson No.dlt6 0-4-0Tram
(7) T. Green No.dlt7 0-4-0Tram

!? Giants Causeway Tramway

1 Wilkinson No.a 0-4-0T
2 Wilkinson No.b 0-4-0T
3 "Dunluce Castle" Wilkinson No.c 0-4-0T
4 "Brian Boroimhe" Wilkinson No.d 0-4-0T

!? Letterkenny & Burtonport Extension Railway - worked by L&LSR

1 Andrew Barclay No.933 4-6-0T
2 Andrew Barclay No.934 4-6-0T
3 Andrew Barclay No.935 4-6-0T
4 Andrew Barclay No.936 4-6-0T

!? Londonderry & Lough Swilly Railway

1 "J.T.Macky" Black Hawthorn No.684 0-6-2T
2 "Londonderry" Black Hawthorn No.742 0-6-2T
3 "Donegal" Black Hawthorn No.743 0-6-2T
4/17 "Innishowen" Black Hawthorn No.834 0-6-0T
5(second)/15 Hudswell, Clarke No.518 4-6-2T
5(third) Hudswell, Clarke No.985 4-8-4T
5/5A Robert Stephenson & Co. No.2088 2-4-0T
6(second)/16 Hudswell, Clarke No.519 4-6-2T
6(third) Hudswell, Clarke No.986 4-8-4T
6/6A Robert Stephenson & Co. No.2089 2-4-0T
7 "King Edward VII" Hudswell, Clarke No.577 4-6-2T
8 Hudswell, Clarke No.562 4-6-2T
9 "Aberfoyle" Kerr, Stuart No.845 4-6-2T
10 "Richmond" Kerr, Stuart No.846 4-6-2T
11 Hudswell, Clarke No.746 4-8-0
12 Hudswell, Clarke No.747 4-8-0
13 Hawthorn, Leslie No.2801 4-6-2T
14 Hawthorn, Leslie No.2802 4-6-2T

!? Portstewart Tramway

1 Kitson No.T56 0-4-0Tram
2 Kitson No.T84 0-4-0Tram
3 Kitson No.T302 0-4-0Tram

!? Schull & Skibbereen Railway

1 "Marion" Dick, Kerr No.a 0-4-0T
2 "Ida" Dick, Kerr No.b 0-4-0T
3 "Ilen" Dick, Kerr No.c 0-4-0T
4/4S "Erin" Nasmyth Wilson No.a 4-4-0T
1(second)/1S "Gabriel" Peckett No.a 4-4-0T
3(second)/3S "Kent" Peckett No.b 4-4-0T
6S T. Green No.200 0-4-4T

!? Tralee & Dingle Railway

1/1T Hunslet No.477 2-6-0T
2/2T Hunslet No.478 2-6-0T
3/3T Hunslet No.479 2-6-0T
4 (first) Hunslet No.514 0-4-2T
5/5T Hunslet No.555 2-6-2T
6/6T Hunslet No.667 2-6-0T
7/7T Kerr, Stuart No.800 2-6-0T
8/4/4T Kerr, Stuart No.836 2-6-0T
8(second)/8T Hunslet No.1051 2-6-0T
9T T. Green No.180 0-4-4T

!? West Clare Railway

1 W. G. Bagnall No.730 0-6-0T
2 W. G. Bagnall No.738 0-6-0T
3 "Clifden" W. G. Bagnall No.792 0-6-0T
4 "Besborough" W. G. Bagnall No.793 0-6-0T
5/5C "Slieve Callan" Dubs & Co. No.2890 0-6-2T
6/6C "Saint Senan" Dubs & Co. No.2891 0-6-2T
7 "Lady Inchiquin" Dubs & Co. No.2892 0-6-2T
8/8C "Lisdoonvarna" Dubs & Co. No.3169 2-6-2T
9/9C "Fergus" T. Green No.229 2-6-2T
2(second)/2C "Ennis" T. Green No.234 2-6-2T
4(second)/4C "Liscannor" T. Green No.236 2-6-2T
10/10C "Lahinch" Kerr, Stuart No.818 4-6-0T
11/11C "Kilkee" W. G. Bagnall No.1881 4-6-0T
1(second)/1C "Kilrush" Hunslet No.1098 4-6-0T
3(second)/3C "Ennistymon" Hunslet No.1432 4-6-0T
7(second)/7C "Malbay" Hunslet No.1433 4-6-0T
6T Hunslet No.667 2-6-0T
8T Hunslet No.1051 2-6-0T (maybe never used?)
F501 Walker No.F501
F502 Walker No.F502
F503 Walker No.F503

!? Locomotives by Builder

!? Locomotives by Name

!? Railcars and Tramcars

!? Bessbrook & Newry Tramway

!? B&NT Tramcar No.1(first)

!? B&NT Tramcar No.1(second)

!? B&NT Tramcar No.2

!? B&NT Tramcar No.4

!? Castlederg & Victoria Bridge Tramway

!? C&VBT Railcar

!? County Donegal Railways

!? CDR Railcar No.1

!? CDR Railcar No.2 (first)

!? CDR Railcar No.2 (second)

!? CDR Railcar No.3 (first)

!? CDR Railcar No.3 (second)

!? CDR Railcar No.4

!? CDR Railcar No.5

!? CDR Railcar No.6

!? CDR Railcar No.7

!? CDR Railcar No.8

!? CDR Railcar No.9

photo CDR Railcar No.10 (2nd)

photo CDR Railcar No.11 Phoenix

photo CDR Railcar No.12

!? CDR Railcar No.13

photo CDR Railcar No.14

photo CDR Railcar No.15

photo CDR Railcar No.16

!? CDR Railcar No.17

photo CDR Railcar No.18

photo CDR Railcar No.19

photo CDR Railcar No.20

!? Clogher Valley Railway

!? CVR Railcar No.1

!? CVR Railcar No.2 (lorry)

!? Giants Causeway Tramway

!? GCT Tramcar No.3

!? GCT Tramcar No.4

!? GCT Tramcar No.5

!? GCT Tramcar No.6

!? GCT Tramcar No.7

!? GCT Tramcar No.8

!? GCT Tramcar No.9

!? GCT Tramcar No.10

!? GCT Tramcar No.16

!? GCT Tramcar No.18

!? GCT Tramcar No.19

!? GCT Tramcar No.20

!? GCT Tramcar No.21, open

!? GCT Tramcar No.22

!? GCT Tramcar No.23

!? GCT Tramcar No.24

!? Tralee & Dingle Railway

!? T&DR inspection car

!? West Clare Railway

!? WCR Railcar

!? WCR Railcar No.395

!? WCR Railcar No.396

!? WCR Railcar No.3386

!? WCR Railcar No.3387

!? WCR Railcar No.3388

!? WCR Railcar No.3389 2002.08.11
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