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Aquarium Project

Here is my 45 gallon aquarium as construction progressd in May of 2001. The frame is made from old skids I brought home from work. Make sure you use a GFI (Ground Fault Interrupt) outlet to supply power.

Picture 005.jpg Picture 007.jpg Picture 008.jpg Picture 009.jpg Picture 011.jpg Picture 012.jpg Picture 013.jpg Picture 014.jpg Picture.jpg Picture 4001.jpg Picture 4002.jpg Picture 016.jpg Picture 017.jpg Picture 018.jpg Picture 019.jpg Picture 020.jpg Picture 022.jpg

Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture.

Picture 4002.jpg

You can see the progress from a small half-wall to a built-in stand/cabinet.

Filtration is done with a Magnum 350, Lifegard FB300 (Fluidized Bed), and an Emperor 280 Bio Wheel. No under gravel filter is used. There are many arguments on either side of the fence regarding undergravel filter use, and I have used one in the past with no problems. However I decided not to use one on this setup since I am using live plants.

I now have one Moonlight Gourami, one Blue Gourami, two small Cory cats, 7 Black Tetras and a male and female Betta. The Tetras pick on each other, the Gouramis pick on each other, and the Bettas keep to themselves. I also have two live Amazon Sword plants and they seem to be doing well - there is new growth which is of course a good sign. I only have two 20W flourescent bulbs in the hood, which equates to about .9 watts/gallon. This is less than the typically recommended 2 to 3 watts/gallon, but things seem to be growing sufficiently. I am using well water, so perhaps the natural minerals and trace elements make up for the lower watts/gallon ratio.

There is also a wealth of info on the internet about aquarium setup and maintenance, and some good places to start are the links below...

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