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'Possum Flats Railway

Locomotive count: 116

Total rolling stock count: 627

The Bavarian side is due to be completed by the end of the year :)

Building a helix in the closet to provide access to a divsion yard underneath the west wall shelf.

Click on highlighted words for a LARGE photo of item.

Control panel is designed and painted, electrical work not completed yet.

Possum Flats RailWay is a 2ft wide shelf layout that runs around a 10' spare room and is in the beginning stages of scenery.

The east wall is Bavarian [era 1 & 2], south wall is modern U.S. midwest, west and north walls are U.S. 1910 - 1949.

These dates are only for the buildings, the rolling stock is everything from 1800-2002. ;)

Signals are working, three light for turnouts (and blocks with turnouts), two light for electrical block.

White masted signals protect the main line, black masts are on branch and sidings.

There are working semaphores at the stations. Buildings are illuminated, and there are working street lights and crossings.

Sounds include various commercial recordings, accessories [horns, whistles, etc], and MRC's Sound Station 312.

Yes, I did paint most of the figures. All detail painting on buildings and figures was done with a magnifying visor.

East wall is the Bavarian styled village of 'Millifit'.

This is what it looked like to start with, Pre-millifit. The backdrop is from Faller, and this will really stand out in the close up shots.

Starting from the left you see trackwork leading back [left] to the engine facilities. The foreground is where the brewery is to be built [had to install it when the track went in]. The small junction tower is protecting the mainline [black ballast] from the siding [light grey ballast]. The tracks against the wall are the outer loop [furthest] and a pocket siding. A city gate and tower marks the beginning of the village, and on the far right you can see an old city wall. The exact placement of the city wall is not yet determined.

A row of shops with living quarters above make up the back row, along with a five star hotel [the tall tan building]. The next row is Gasthouses, public buildings and a freight station at the far right. The A-frame building in this shot is the village hall, and you can see the mayor on the balcony.

The large building at the front is the highland train station, and a small shop is beyond that.

This is the Post Inn with the Apothocary to the next to the hotel with shop buildings in the background.

The Post Inn shot from another angle.

One of the more dramatic shots down Market Street. and Up market street.

A shot of middle row after putting in the grey Faller cobblestone.

A new building, the Bear Inn, was added on the last day of June 2002. Here are two more views of the same building: A B

More pictures:

front-on shot of Millifit

highland station from left

Close up of hotel

stone engine shed

vollmer buildings test placement

shot over station roof

middle row

overall shot

Freight station

Close up of staion showing new cobblestone paths

Middle row with a small electic switcher on siding track

South Wall section

Overview of south wall section. The lighthouse goes on the far left. The building on the right is a modern back shop and will have one working track. The church was built by my friend mouse :)

The DB ICE [inter city express] can be seen stopped at the station on the back siding, the front siding has a "silver fish" commuter train. Both are by Fleischmann.

West Wall section

West wall close up Siding in foreground, Mainline in middle with the Troll Interchange Tower guarding the junction. This view is looking south about midway on the west wall.

Microtrains cars in front of factory on west wall, Top view

West wall shot showing work bench underneath layout. Passenger train [AMTRAK] is on the siding leading to the back shop. the freight train is on the TROLL junction track, and there are some frieght cars at the back siding next to some factory buildings by DPM. The buildings are in front of the outer loop.

Further up along the west wall showing the connection to the North wall section. Stereo on the workbench has CD and cassette commercial background sounds.

North Wall section

North wall engine facilities are still under construction, as is everything else ;)

The town will be in the back corner, and you can see the helix in the closet at the back.

The turntable is motorised, and has both a siding track entramce and a mainline entrance track. There are also disel services here and a backshop. The wreck train siding is at the far left in this photo.

I have not decided upon which photo backdrop to use on this section.

A modern shot of the backshop showing mostly Chessie locomotives.

This is another shot from higher up, the blue building on the left is an ice house from walther's. There are some black and blue paper towel sections along the wall [outer loop track] that will be built into either a petrol station or a grain elevator. Location is still being investigated.

Turntable over head photo. back side of roundhouse is visible on the right as you enter the room. Partial view of the bridge spanning the entrance. This is a moveable bridge. I plan on having a few different styles of bridges here.

Pictures showing various stages of construction:

room over view showing bare shelves

bare east wall shelf

detail pic on soldering a curve

old shot of east wall overview

old east wall 1

old east wall 2

old east wall 3

millifit early building and track placement.

early shot of west wall

constructing the Post Inn

construction of 1/2 timbered house

placement test of vollmer mansion

placement test of vollmer shop

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