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Page Last Updated 12 September 2007 at 17.00


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Downloading timetables

When the timetable has fully downloaded do not print direct from your browser otherwise some information may be missing due to the frame on the left hand side of the page.

Save the file in "My Documents" or other suitable location, close the browser, then open the timetable from where you saved it. Click "Page Setup" on the File menu and reduce all paper margins to zero then select Landscape format in Printer Options (if the timetable's width is greater than it's height). This enables the timetable to be printed on one sheet of A4 paper.



Could all readers of this page please take a few seconds to visit the Help! page in the left hand menu. The more contacts that PLEG gets, the more events that PLEG can organise using rare traction. 


Pres Gen

You can now send/receive the latest gen immediately from/to your PC/mobile! For further details please choose the PresGen option from the main menu of this website. An information page is now available and this can be accessed by clicking    

.pdf Documents

A free copy of software is available from the software supplier adobe to enable the opening, printing and saving of .pdf documents that may appear sporadically on this website. If a railway produces a timetable in .pdf format it is virtually impossible to convert this back to Microsoft Word or Excel formats. To download a copy of the software from adobe please click  

Word Viewer

There is a Word viewer (up to Word 2003) which is downloadable from the Microsoft website for people who don't have Microsoft Office installed on their computer. Some of the timetables on this website are written in Microsoft Word therefore to view and print these timetables you must install the Word viewer. Please click and follow the instructions to download the 11.7MB file.


The information on this page comes directly from Preserved Railways, Diesel Traction Groups or Diesel Running Groups. Everything is reproduced on this page in good faith. Failures, timetable farces, operational difficulties etc etc DO happen, albeit infrequently, therefore you are advised to contact the host railway/diesel group (where practical) before making a long journey.

Preserved Heritage Traction Book

Preserved Heritage Traction Book has recently been published by Andrew Marshall of GM Publications which is split into four sections, locomotives, DMU's, EMU's and the actual locations of these along with detailed mileages for the most popular Preserved  Railways in the UK. A front cover photograph can be viewed by clicking


The book contains current running number and every number that the vehicle in question has previously carried. A wealth of technical data is also included for each individual vehicle.


The book is by GM Publications and is an A5 142-page softback, costs 14.95 and is available post free by using the order form supplied by clicking


PLEG, nor any individual, will make any income from this book nor will we receive any advertising royalties. The book is being advertised solely for the benefit of PLEG members as a previous similar book was last published thirteen years ago and the data will be somewhat out of date by now.


A book of this type is soon out of date however and PLEG are delighted to have been chosen by Andrew Marshall as the medium for people to access updates to this hugely popular  Book. Regular updates will be provided by him and a dedicated page for the addenda has been created, please click the following link



Great Central Railway

Friday 14th September until Sunday 16th September 2007

A diesel gala will take place on the above weekend.

Locomotives in operation should be:

D8098  D5185  D5401  D5830  D6535  D123  D1705

37255 was originally booked to work however is now out of traffic for this gala.

D4067 is down on the roster to work however it only performs a light engine movement on the Friday to work shunt release duties at Rothley, it then works back light engine on Sunday evening.

The Class 101 cart should also be working.

1000 miles of diesel haulage is promised.

Turn up and drive a 'big' locomotive on Friday is a feature of this gala.

Evening beerexes on Friday and Saturday (depart Loughborough Central approx 19.00).

Hot food will be available on trains all weekend.

Fares - Second Class
Runabout Ticket Price
Family (2 Adults + 3 children) 35.00
Family (1 Adult + 3 children) 25.00
Adult 17.50
Child/Student 11.50
Senior Citizen 11.50
Fares - Privilege
Runabout Ticket Price
Adult 10.00
Senior Citizen 10.00
Child/Student 6.50

Friday's roster (in .pdf format)can be downloaded by clicking and Saturday and Sunday's timetable (in .pdf format) can be downloaded by clicking

  Battlefield Railway

Friday 14th September until Sunday 16th September 2007

Battlefield's Autumn gala will take place over this weekend. Locomotives in operation should be:

31101  31130  33019  33053  37227  47640  73114

There will be a special 18.15 beerex train from Shackerstone and when the train returns to Shackerstone a public barbecue will be open and a live band will be performing.

The Church End Brewery are brewing a special 'Shackerstone Diesel Ale' for the occasion and this will be available all day.

More details including rover prices are on this downloadable flyer

A timetable and roster for the Saturday and Sunday in .jpg format can be downloaded here

Unfortunately the website indicates that Friday's timetable is on another sheet but I can't find it.

Foxfield Railway

Saturday 15th September and Sunday 16th September 2007

This normally industrial railway is having a diesel gala this weekend however Class 25 D7629 is visiting the railway and will be used at the gala 

Trains start from 10.00 and there will be regular trains hauled by D7629

D7629 will also go up the bank (1 in 19) at the end of the day as well as working the beerex

Day rovers will be: 8.50 Adults, Senior Citizens 7.50 and Children up to 16 1

Hopefully a roster can be acquired

Peak Railway

Saturday 22nd September and Sunday 23rd September 2007

Peak Rail are hosting a diesel gala this weekend.

Locomotives taking part should be:

31270  37152  D8  D9016

Rover fares will be:

Adult return (1 journey) 6.00
Senior Citizen return (1 journey) 4.60
Children 3 - 4 years return (1 journey) 1.00
Children 5 - 15 years return (1 journey) 3.00
Family (2A +  3C return (1 journey) 17.00
Adult Rover 12.00
Senior/Child 5 - 15 years /PRA Members Rover 7.00
Child 3 - 4 years rover 2.50

In addition the Heritage Shunters Trust will be running brake van rides from their platform at Rowsley hopefully using:

Class 01  Class 02  Class 03  Class 04  Class 14  PWM650

Rosters are now available. To download the roster click or click

Mid-Norfolk Railway

Saturday 22nd September and Sunday 23rd September 2007

The MNR are hosting a diesel gala this weekend.

Locomotives in operation should be:

D8069  31538  47596  Class 101 Cart

08631 is doubtful due to ongoing generator problems and confirmation of this is being sought.

There may be visiting engine(s) from DRS although this is also unconfirmed as yet.

There will be an intensive timetable. First train 8.00 Saturday and 9.00 Sunday.

An evening fish and chip special will run (Saturday only depart 18.00).

Hopefully further details and a roster can be acquired.

Bodmin and Wenford Railway

Saturday 22nd September and Sunday 23rd September 2007

The Bodmin & Wenford Diesel Gala takes place on September 22nd and 23rd. There will be an intensive service on both days, hauled by residents 37142, 50042 and the gala debut of RFD livered 47306 "The Sapper."
In addition to the normal coaching stock rake, a passenger carrying clay train will again run on Saturday afternoon with a brakevan at each end, to enjoy the sight and sounds of the loco working hard on gradients as steep as 1 in 37. This train will be subject to a small surcharge to those with a Rover ticket, and a photo stop will be allowed en route.
Memories of Cornwall in years past will also be re-created when a heritage slam door unit, Class 108, will be dragged by a Class 50 at some point during the gala adding great nostalgia to the event.
Evening 'beerex' services are to run, expected to be hauled by Class 47 47306 solo. Hot Food such as fish and chips or pasties can be pre ordered prior to the evening services.
Class 33, 33110 will be on display undergoing major body work rebuild.
08444 and D3452 will not be used on passenger stock this weekend. Both locos will provide cab rides and driver taster sessions at Bodmin General.

There is the prospect of a visiting Class 33 however this is unconfirmed and not reflected in the timetable as yet. As soon as this is confirmed it will be posted here.

Lineside photographic passes are available in advance from the railway's main office. They are cheaper if bought with a travel ticket.

Rosters are now downloadable. Click or


Dean Forest Railway

Saturday 29th September 2007

The DFR Diesel Group are hosting their one and only diesel gala for 2007.

Locomotives in operation should be:

08238  D9555  73001

A roster (in .jpeg format) is available and can be downloaded by clicking

Bo'ness Railway

Saturday 29th September and Sunday 30th September 2007

A diesel gala will take place on the above weekend.

Locomotives booked to work are:

D2767  08443  D8020  D5310  26024  27001  37025  37175  40145

Day Rovers will cost: 15 (Adult); 7.50 (Child); 38 (Family); 12 (Concession)

A roster (in .pdf format) is available, please click

Nene Valley Railway

Friday 5th October until Sunday 7th October 2007

Locomotives booked to attend this gala are:

Visitors:  D9504  20007  20137  33063  37518  56003  

Home Fleet:  D9516  D9520  D9523  31271  40106  47270  DL83 Sentinel  Class 117 cart

Friday will be English Electric day with the following home fleet and visiting locomotives booked to work:

20007  20137  31271  37518  40106

This gala will be the preservation debut of 37518

Mark 1's will be used all day and real ale will be on sale.

First departure is from Wansford at 08.30AM.

Saturday and Sunday will be 'everything goes' 


Double heading

Sales stands, real ale and burger vans will be present

A 'beerex' will operate on Saturday night with motive power 20007  20137  31271  37518

First train will be from Wansford at 08.15AM

One Day Rover 15     Two Day Rover 25     Three Day Rover 35

A downloadable flyer is downloadable by clicking

Llangollen Railway

Friday 5th October until Sunday 7th October 2007

The diesel and DMU groups at the Llangollen are hosting a diesel/DMU gala this weekend.

Locomotives booked to work are:

D8142  37240  37901  D1566

There is also the possibility of a visiting engine.

DMU's booked to work are:

Class 104  Class 105  Class 108  Class 109  Class 127

There will be a brake van special on the Saturday evening.

Further details to follow.

  North York Moors Railway

Saturday 6th October 2007

RAIL EXPRESS magazine and the NYMR have joined forces to run 25278 over the NYMR and then to Whitby. This will be the first 'booked' working on the national network since 1991.

This working will provide maximum mileage, a full run on the NYMR, a thrash up a 1 in 49 bank and a break in Whitby.

The train will depart Pickering around 8.45 thence via Grosmont, Whitby, Battersby, Whitby, Grosmont, Goathland, Grosmont, Whitby, Grosmont and Pickering (arrive approx. 19.10).

The fares will be Adults 30 and Accompanied Children (under 16) 20

Please phone 01780 470086 if you would like further details or would like to book by credit card.

Ribble Steam Railway

Saturday 6th October 2007

The gala for 2007 should have all the locomotives from last year together with one or two others. D9539 should also be hauling trains after overhaul.

Rover prices will be: Adult 5.00  Concessions 3.25  Family (2+2) 14.00

Trains will be operating hourly.  Admission includes access to the museum & railway workshop.  The shop is also open selling souvenirs and gifts.  The cafe is also normally available serving hot & cold drinks & snacks.

Hopefully further locomotive news and a roster will be acquired later.

Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway

Saturday 6th October and Sunday 7th October 2007

37219 will be leaving the GWR to go back to the Chasewater Railway where it is based. The above dates will be the final workings of the locomotive on the GWR. To download the full press release in .pdf format please click

Severn Valley Railway

Friday 12th October and Saturday 13th October 2007

The SVR diesel gala has been reinstated. Friday will be diesel only and Saturday will see one steam working. There will be an intensive service operating over the Kidderminster to Bewdley section however north of Bewdley is still closed to main line trains due to flood damage.

A shuttle using shunters is proposed for the Bewdley to Northwood Lane section of line.

Visiting locomotives on the Saturday should be:

20227  D8188  73101

Home locomotives that should be used on the Saturday are:

37906  50049   and possibly D821

Shunters that may work the shuttles are:

08015  08769  12099

Day rovers will be priced at:

Adults 10

Seniors 8

Children 5

Hopefully further details, including a roster, will emerge.

 Ribble Steam Railway

Saturday 13th October 2007

Comprehensive BLS Track Tour of the Ribble Steam Railway on Sat 13th October using Class 05 D2595:

The BLS fixture is a comprehensive, ie all available lines and sidings, internal tour of the Ribble Steam Railway's site at Chain Caul Road and line through the Preston Dock Estate to Strand Road, which will take place, for pre-booked Society members and friends, on Saturday 13th October.  This fixture has particularly been arranged in response to requests from Quail-marking members on our two main line railtour visits, but will also give participants a more leisurely opportunity to explore the magnificent displays of stock and relics assembled as part of the RSR's museum complex.  Commencing time for the visit will be about 12.00, with full details of finalised arrangements as well as guidance on access by car and by public transport being sent out beforehand.  The actual tour will cover all safely available track, taking some two hours, though do remember that like any other flourishing preservation site a great deal of stock is stored around the site and not all of it can be shunted out of the way as part of this exercise.  For safety and visibility reasons it is planned to use the regular coaching stock for participants to ride in, and intended haulage is Class 05 D2595 (though the right obviously has to be reserved to substitute an alternative).  Clearly, the facilities being made available by RSR warrant a reasonable pecuniary return, and since there are also safety and liability issues regarding participation the most convenient solution is to enrol passengers as RSR members.  The cost will therefore be 12 per head, for which besides the railtour you will obtain member status with access to site, facilities and activities right through to the end of 2008. To book for this fixture, you should apply by letter to me, N J Hill, 73 Norfolk Park Avenue, Sheffield, S2 2RB, requesting a place on the basis of subscribing to RSR, and enclose a cheque, payable to 'Branch Line Society', for 12. No stamps or SAE's required unless immediate acknowledgement sought.  This fixture is not possible in the main season due to intensity of passenger service operation, nor during the winter because of permanent way renewal work, so this October is an opportunity which will not often recur, and the number of places will be regulated for comfort and viewing reasons.  For administrative reasons, bookings should be made not later than 1st October, please.


Bodmin and Wenford Railway

Saturday 20th October 2007

47306 has been chartered for the day on the BWR.

A timetable is available in Microsoft Word format and can be downloaded here

The fee for the charter will 15. It is a turn up on the day and pay event so no advance booking is necessary.

Gala Dates for 2007

Please check the 'Future Events' page for PLEG organised events. The rest of the year's planned Diesel Galas can be found

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