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Internet, railroads boost economy

HARRISBURG (AP) -- The quicker pace of doing buisness, spurred in part by the growth of Internet companies, has increased the need for companies to find speedy ways to get their products to customers, a state economic development official told lawmakers Wednesday.

In addition, a state transportation official said at the same liegiclative hearing, the takeover of Conrail lines by CSX and Norfolk Southern railroads has presented new oppurtunities for Pennsylvania to make better use of railways to boost economic development.

State officials, as well as representatives of rail companies, testified yesterday at a joint meeting of the House of Representatives transportation and commerce and economic development committees.

Companies have told the Department of Community and Economic development that the determining factor in deciding where to locate their operations is the ability to get their products to market quickly, said the agency's executive deputy secretary, Tim McNulty.

Thursday, September 16, 1999 Pittsburgh Tribune Review