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Welcome to the Spitton, Bailey and Wyre Railroad!

My First Logo

We'll get you there even if we have to get out and push!

This is my little peice of cyber space.

As things change, as they seem to do, I've gone from a possible room sized layout to a two car garage dedicated to my "habit". As of late the plans have changed into a layout that will almost half of a 3400 sqft basement.
All I need now is a track cleaning system that will make the chore easier. Since I'm not all that impressed with the current offereings, I guess I'll have to "make a better mouse trap".
Don't get me wrong, there are cleaners out there that are ok (passive weighted wheels/drums, wet/dry, DCC controlled polishers, etc) but i want more... flexibility without having my own MOW fleet. I like the idea of a self propelled unit that looks and behaves like a MOW monster. One that vacuums the loose ballast, video for inspection of track (down the line, as well as, under the unit) does all the cleaning chores AND can negotiate a 20" radius. I don't ask much. Oh yeah, and the thing doesn't cost any where near $1000, more like $300 or less ($299.99 is NOT less!)

My prototype is loosly based on the Camas Prairie RR in Northern ID.

I will list a more complete list of my "Givens and Druthers" when I have more time. For now, I can say that I will have:

  • 26-28" minimum radii
  • Code 83 Track Mainline, 70 in yards, 55 in small sidings
  • Walthers Switches >#8(unless I find a better source before I get to track laying)
  • Steel Stud & Pink or Blue Foam Benchwork Construction, possibly with homabed [tm] type underlayment
  • No Rivet Counting! I will be a freelanced RR with some prototypical elements. If I want to run a Heisler loco with 70 ton tankers, then I will.
  • The RR will operate as if steam never died...

    Here is my current Layout
    My Layout as of 05/21/06
    I know that it is pretty pathetic, but I needed something to run locos on to keep them tuned.
    NCE PowerCab for DCC and and an OLD MRC 770N for DC ops.
    It is a 2x6x8 mounted to the back of racks the wife is using for a pantry. Just one more way that she supports my "habit"...
    My current stable of engines:

  • Broadway-Limited AT&SF 2-10-4 (Finally Showed after almost 2YEARS!!!)
  • 2 Broadway-Limited Mikados
  • Rivarosi 3-truck Heisler
  • Several old Tyco locos from my youth. These will be projects in the future, converting to DCC and updating the "drive train"

    That is all for now.

    A few Links to other sites:
    Texas Northern Model RR Club My old Club in Dallas.
    The place for all sorts of answers! A great forum for Model RR's (the best IMHO)

    This site is obviously under construction...
    Updated 06/02/07

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