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   What's New...

This is the "What's New" archive listing changes for 2001.  In an attempt to keep the "What's New" page from getting too large, I will archive the older changes on a separate page and link from the current "What's New" page.

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    Tom Fassett



Nov. 23, 2001

New Additions to the SP Diesel Roster:  8574-8999

Updated the Southern Pacific Diesel Index page.

Updated the Site Index page.


Nov. 18, 2001

    I admit, it has been a while since I updated anything substantial.  I have added a few minor things but have not updated this page.  Here are some more notable updates from the last month:

New Additions to the SP Diesel Roster:  8000-8573
New Additions to the SP Diesel Roster:  8574-8999
New Additions to the SP Diesel Roster:  9000-9999
These are all new pages...

I finally got around to working some more on the Southern Pacific archives.  I added most the pictures I have for roster numbers in the 8000 and 9000 range.  This is the series populated mostly by tunnel motors, SD45s, GP60s and the SD40M-2s that SP ordered from Morrison Knudson in 1993.  The SD40M-2s (and a few U33Cs) are here.  The SD40T-2s are here.
I also got a good representation going of roster numbers in the 9000 series, found here.  These are mostly SD45s and SD45T-2s, as well as a few GP60s. 

New Site: Rail Transfer Station II
As my rule for this site is that it contains only my original content (or property), I have started a new site called Rail Transfer Station II for all the wonderful stuff others send me, as well as my own stuff (when applicable).  There is not a whole lot of content here yet but I will be adding to it as time goes along.

Updated the Site Index page.


Sept. 30, 2001

New Additions to the Diesel Graphics Page
    I added some of the original "scale" line drawings I did back in the early 1990s.  I will add the rest when I find them ("where is that blasted floppy, anyway...")

Updated the Site Index page.


Sept. 29, 2001

New Open Hoppers Page
Replaced all corrupted ATSF pictures on the Trainweb server.

Updated the Site Index page.


Sept. 28, 2001

New Covered Hoppers Page
Updated the Site Index page.


Sept. 26, 2001

New Additions to the Tank Cars page
Updated the Site Index page.

Due to work travel, I have been unable to work on the site until now.  A lot has happened in the interim.  I have been from the West coast to the East coast twice (driving).  I was also working in Manhattan on September 11th.  The terrible incidents in New York and Washington forced me to cut this business trip short as the company I was working for is is in lower Manhattan and was forced to close.  I then rejoined my company's industrial show tour in Philadelphia (a week earlier than planned) but the show was cancelled, again due to the events in New York.  I drove home from Philly but didn't feel much like "railfanning" so I got few pictures.  I also have not felt much like working on the site recently (as you can imagine).  I did get a few pictures as I was "fleeing" New York, taken out the back of my truck window.  As I have had numerous requests from individuals who want to view them, I have placed them on a temporary page here.


Sept. 3, 2001

New Tank Cars page
Updated the Site Index page.

OK, I know it's been a while since the last update but I have been working on the other sites.
The Railmap site is up but without content.  This site depends on input from others so I am going to start soliciting information.  Here is the URL:


Aug. 21, 2001

New ATSF page
    In my ongoing effort to avoid facing the daunting task of finishing or updating the SP, SSW and UP rosters, I created an ATSF diesel page.  This listing is by no way complete but at least it has a few dozen pictures.


Aug. 20, 2001

Added to the BNSF BN-ATSF merger page
    Page has been updated with photo date and location text tabs on each thumbnail.
    Page has been moved--links updated.


Aug. 19, 2001

New BNSF BN-ATSF merger page
    These are diesels with BNSF numbers but BN or ATSF markings still showing.

Updated the Site Index page.

Updated a whole bunch of links.  Cleaned up some old references.  Added text labels and links to many, many title pictures (like the one above).
Added the "More to Come" banner to most of the static pages with an email link so visitors can let me know if they would like me to put aside some other planned updates and concentrate on these pages.  I only have so much time and I tend to forget about all the various pages tucked away here and there.
You decide what is important...   :- )

I am moving most of the entries on the Arizona Railroads page (due to lack of space on Trainweb).  Currently, the links on this page point to the roster pictures in various locations around the site.  I will restore and update the pages for the various Arizona railroads (including the clickable maps) as soon as they are living comfortably in their new home...

Changed the look of this page.  It was a couple of days old already--it was due...   :- )

Aug. 18, 2001

Added a few Rail Rings to the links page
    Signed up on the RailsUSA Railring.  Check out the Russian Railring.  Cool...

Added an animation link page
    A page which lists all the animations on this site in one place, with links to each.  This page will be added to as I get time to do more animations.


Aug. 17, 2001

Added a Right of Way graphics page
    This page will be added to as I get time to do more pictures--usually when I'm bored and sitting in a hotel room with nothing on the tube...   :- )

New BNSF page
    I wiped out the old dysfunctional BNSF page and created a new one more like the other rosters.  The old one had been languishing since the early days of this site and hadn't been updated in some time.  Unfortunately, I have once again exceeded my quota for space on Trainweb and must beg for more or find room elsewhere for the BNSF pictures.  Either way, it HAS to be better than what it was... 

Searched for broken or inoperable links.  Found some, fixed 'em...

Aug. 16, 2001

Added a "Statement of Purpose" page
    This page explains my philosophy about why I do this and what I intend to accomplish with this site.
    From now on when someone asks me why I waste time on this stuff, I will direct them here...  
:- )

Aug. 15, 2001

Created this page!

New additions to the Shortlines page

Created the "less than accurate" but cool Gyralite animation at the top of this page.  Most SP diesels of the 1980s had a red Gyralite in this location (model 17540 or 17570, I believe), with the white Gyralites at the top of the cab (model 20585 from what I witnessed most often).  But, I figured "what the heck--it was my first attempt at animation anyway..."


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