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Mike and Jim Tylick are the editors of the tips section of Tried & True Trains. Send your email questions to these experts and we will post the response to share with all. Here's your opportunity to tackle the tough questions of painting, scenery, tricks of space, scale, modeling techniques, photography of your models, etc. We also hope that you will share your knowledge and tips with our readers as well.

We welcome you to be part of this interactive tips page!

Mike is a frequent author and clinician in the model press and conventions. His son joins him in his modeling adventures and now this joint project is this ever changing Model Railroad Tips on the Internet.

We are delighted to bring you Henri Bebeau's wonderful pen, ink and colored pencil drawings of vintage railroading that appear on the main menus throughout this web site. These are but a sampling of the prolific work of a good friend, modeler, and rail artist.

Michael has developed a reputation for quality custom model building, specializing in structures and rolling stock in all scales. He can start from scratch or assemble any kit, and can work to any desired stage of completeness. Photographs of his model work will appear on this page shortly, but in the meantime, please e-mail us for additional information.


There is often no best or even standard way of doing anything in a hobby with as diverse interests as model railroading has. Often the best way to accomplish a task is to ask as many people as you can how they go about it. If you are lucky enough to find ten people to offer suggestions, your way will likely become the eleventh. In this spirit, the tips offered on these pages are techniques that others have found useful. When you discover your unique way for doing something, we hope that you will pass it along to us .This Tip & Technique section will only be as good as the material we receive from fellow WEB surfers. We can only pass along what works for us.

We will attempt to answer as many questions as will fit our knowledge and experience. When we do not have a good answer, we will refer you to the many fine model railroad books and periodicals that are available or perhaps to ask the subscribers to the model railroad news forums also linked to this site.

Hope we can be of service. Happy Rails, Jimmy & Mike T

The Editors' Bios

Michael Tylick has been a model railroader from before the time he learned to walk. He has been a frequent contributor to the hobby press and is a regular clinician for the NMRA in the northeast. He is currently working on three model railroads- the HO scale Fitchburg and Southbridge (F&S), the O scale Bay path Traction Company, and the O scale Pioneer Valley project railroad published a few years ago in MR.

Mike has worked in N, G, and S scale as well as is always looking for new projects. In addition to model railroading, Mike is an avid railfan and hiker, and spends more hours than he should in front of his computer. He is employed as a fine arts teacher by the city of Worcester, Mass. and does custom building of railroad and other models on the side.

James Tylick is a freshman at Northeastern University and is an enthusiastic prototype railfan and outdoorsman. He is the operations department of the Tylick's home layouts and is supervising the extension of the F&S layout into the towns of Ware and Northampton. Jimmy has been a frequent contributor to Railpace Newsmagazine. His particular interest is Conrail's Boston Line.  He also writes software for dispatcher simulators.

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