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Amtrak Cascades

For more information, please go to Amtrak Cascade's Home Page for amenities and details on the Amtrak Cascade Trains and Services.

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest Corridor. Home of Amtrak's Talgo Train Sets.

As you guide though the ever-changing landscape of the Pacific Northwest, the anticipation builds. But it's not the destination you're eager to see. It's the next snowy mountain peak. The next rushing river. The Waterfall approaching on your left, emerald-green hills rolling past on your right. It's quaint, rural towns, and bright city lights.

You can close your eyes. But you may not want to.

Expansive windows allow for sweeping views of the country-side. You'll be audience to some of the most stunning scenery in America. You eyes will devour famous Northwest Sights like Mount Rainier, Willamette River Valley and of course, Puget Sound. So, come aboard. Relax, unwind, put your feet up and soak it all in. The next sight you see could very well be in a dream while you're sound asleep. Not to worry, though. You're are not driving.

It looks like the Northwest, but it feels like Europe.

Amtrak's unique European-style trains are all about making your feel comfortable. Stretch out on a wide, reclining seat. Watch a movie. Play cards. Read a book. Work, if you'd like. Or just day-dream. After your sleek soothing ride, your will arrive at your destination content and relaxed.

If you want to know where our food comes from, look out the window.

It's caught, grown and made right in the Northwest. So venture down to the dining car for breakfast, lunch or dinner. On the menu, you'll find delicacies like poached salmon, honey roasted chicken, fresh break and hearty vegetables. And these meals taste even better when complimented with the region's finest wines. Or if you just want a quick bite, try the bistro car. It's reminiscent of a little European cafe-except on wheels. Grab a fresh entree, salad or sandwich and wash it down with a crisp local microbrew, or steaming cup of gourmet coffee.

Your Chariot awaits.

Amtrak is ready to take you as far south as Eugene and as far north as Vancouver, BC. And with stops in all the Northwest's major cities, you'll have an opportunity to see the sights, shop or visit family and friends. Ground transportation and parking are available near the station at each destination. The schedules are simple and convenient, with trains when and are where you want to go. Whether it's a long trip, or you're just getting away for the day. Come aboard. For once, you won;t want the trip to end.

Currently, there are ELEVEN local corridor trains traveling on the corridor. These eleven trains are:

Trains 760 and 763 travel between Seattle and Vancouver, BC with an early AM departure from Seattle and arriving in Vancouver, BC. late AM. The return trip leaves Vancouver, BC during the Dinner hour, and arrives back in Seattle late evening, allowing for day trips to Vancouver BC. Other stops along this route include: Edmonds, Everett, Mt. Vernon-Burlington, and Bellingham. These trains will use the new LAS VEGAS Talgo train set starting on Friday, October 6th, 2000.

Trains 761 and 762 travel between Seattle and Bellingham, with connecting Thruway bus service to Vancouver, BC and connecting with trains 752/753 to/from points south of Seattle (at Seattle), with an late AM departure from Bellingham and arriving in Seattle during the lunch hour. The return trip leaves Seattle during the Dinner hour, and arrives back in Belingham mid evening, allowing for day trips to Seattle. Other stops along this route include: Edmonds, Everett, Mt. Vernon-Burlington, and Bellingham. These trains uses Talgo equipment.

Trains 751 and 754 travel between Seattle and Portland, with connecting Thruway bus service to Willamette Valley Cities, with an early AM departure from Seattle and arriving in Portland late AM. The return trip leaves Portland during dinner time, arriving back in Seattle late evening, allowing for day trips to Portland. Other stops along this route include: Tacoma, Olympia-Lacey, Centralia, Kelso-Longview, and Vancouver (USA). These trains use Talgo equipment.

Trains 552/752 and 753 travel between Seattle and Portland/Eugene, with connecting Thruway bus services to Vancouver, BC to the north. These trips are the midday trips, and leaves Portland and Seattle in the early afternoon, and arrives at their end point in the late afternoon. These trains also serve as the Empire Builder train feeder connection (at Portland for westbound Empire Builders, and at Seattle for both eastbound and westbound Empire Builders) for those living in Tacoma, Olympia-Lacey, Centralia, and Kelso-Longview. These trains use Talgo equipment. Starting October 6th, Train 753 will operate all the way to Eugene. Train 552 will operate from Eugene to Portland with a cross-platform transfer to train 752 (Portland-Seattle).

Trains 750 and 755 travel between Seattle and Eugene, with connecting Thruway bus service to Vancouver, BC. with an early morning departure from Eugene and arriving in Seattle early afternoon. The return trip leaves Seattle early evening, arriving in Eugene close to midnight, allowing for day trips to Seattle. Other stops along this route include: Tacoma, Olympia-Lacey, Centralia, Kelso-Longview, Vancouver(USA), Portland and Salem. These trains use Talgo equipment.

Amenities on Talgo Trains (552, 750-755, 760-763):

  • Bistro Cafe Service (See menu below)
  • Sit-Down Dining car service on trains 760 and 763.
  • Music/Movies at your seat ($4.00 Headset fee)
  • Railfone Service
  • Checked Baggage Service at staffed stations
  • Bicycle Baggage Service (reservations required, $5.00 additional fee)

For Schedule information in the corridor: DVARP's Amtrak Cascades Schedules

For Coach Fares within the corridor: SAMPLE CORRIDOR FARES Note: 1997 prices.

    Bistro Menu - Seattle-Portland-Eugene Trains

    Amtrak Cascades Bistro Menu for Vancover, BC-Seattle-Portland-Eugene trains - As of September 25, 2000. Selections and prices are subject to change without notice.

    Featured Items:

    • Cobb Salad:$5.25. Oven roasted chicken breast, crisp bacon, crumbled bleu cheese, tomatoes, scallions, and hard-boiled eggs on garden greens. Vinaigrette dressing on the side.
    • Clam Chowder Cup (8oz):$2.75. First choice of chowder traditionalists. This rich satifying white claw chowder is made from Ivar's own special recipe. Served with roll.

    SOUPS: Available on afternoon and evening trains.

    Bowl of Stock Pot Soup:$3.75 (10.5 oz). One of the following selections fabulous soups will be featured each week. Ask your server for this week's selection. Served with roll.

    • Mediterranean Vegetable: A rich broth infused with saffron and herbs. Loaded with vegetables and brown rice.
    • Chicken Vegetable Noodle: A hearty chicken soup made with with fresh garden vegetables, chunks of chicken meat and egg noodles.
    • Chili with Beans: This is "classic" chili made with beef, pinto and kidney beans, diced tomatoes, onions, green chilies, and lively jalapenos.

    Hot Selections:

    • Pizza:$2.75
    • Hot Dog:$2.50
    • Teriyaki Rice Bowl:$3.75. Tender chicken, savory vegetables and rice served with soy sauce.


    • Le Parisian w/Fruit Cup:$4.75. A half sandwich of smoked turkey and prosciutto (Italian Cured ham) served on a fresh baked croissant. A fruit cup accompanies this half sandwich.
    • Honey Ham & Cheese:$5.25. Honey roasted ham, Jarlsberg cheese, lettuce, and tomato on a molasses-wheat loaf. Tasty!
    • Roast Beef Oregon:$5.25. Carved roast beef, Tilamook cheddar , scallion cream cheese, lettuce, and tomato on a potato roll.
    • Mediterranean Vegetarian:$4.75. Roasted bell peppers, eggplant, zucchini, and yellow squash with hummus on fresh-baked focaccia bread.
    • Turkey Sub:$4.00. Deli-sliced turkey breast on a sub roll.


    • Snoqualmie Falls Oatmeal:$3.00. (With golden raisins, craisins, brown sugar and almond topping.)
    • Mostly Muffins and Pastries:$1.50
    • Bagel and Cream Cheese.$1.50
    • Fruit Yogurt:$1.50
    • Bagel Breakfast Sandwich:$2.75. (With egg, honey ham and cheese)
    • Fresh Fruit:$.75


    • Soft Drinks (Root Beer, 7-up, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi):$1.00
    • 2% Milk:$.75
    • Coffee:$1.00
    • Tea/Herbal Tea/Hot Chocolate:$1.00
    • Ocean Spray Fruit Juice:$1.50
    • Lipton Ice Tea:$1.50
    • Amtrak Cascades Spring Water:$1.25

    "From the Bar:"

    • Widmer Hefeweizen:$3.50
    • Redhook Ale:$3.50
    • Deshutes Black Butte Porter:$3.50
    • Cold Beer (Bud, Miller Lite):$2.75
    • Cocktails/Liqueurs:$4.00
    • Wine (split):$3.50

    Snacks and Sweets:

    • Tim's Cascade Chips:$1.00
    • Pretzels:$1.00
    • Peanuts:$1.25
    • Cookies:$1.50
    • Candies:$1.50
    • Star Bar:$1.50
    • Ice Cream/Gelatto/Sorbetto Cup:$2.00
    • Amtrak Cascades Chocolate Truffle Bar:$2.00


    • Playing Cards:$2.00
    • Alka-Seltzer$.75
    • Tylenol:$1.00
    • Certs/TicTacs:$.75
    • Batteries ("AA Twin Pack):$3.25

    Souvenirs are also available. See the display case for the most current variety of items available.

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