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IC3 Flexliner Demo in Oregon State

Danish Train Visits Oregon in May

The Oregon Department of Transportation in cooperation with Amtrak, Union Pacific Railroad and ADtrans operated demonstration runs of the ADtrans Danish IC3 Flexliner Train in the Willamette Valley between May 6 and May 18th.

The Demonstration was a success, with all trips nearly sold out (both the excursion runs and in regular Amtrak service.

The IC3 train went back to Chicago after the demonstration for servicing, then is operating as Hiawatha service between Chicago and Milwaukee June 6-29. That demonstration is being sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Some photos of the Oregon's Adtran IC3 Train Demonstration.

ADTRAN IC3 Train Photos
Photographs taken by Warren Yee
Click on a picture to download it!
IC3 train at Albany, Oregon.
IC3 train leaving Albany, Oregon
WashARP's Internet Director in a First Class Section Seat.

Other Oregon News: Tentative information.

  • In September, Oregon Department of Transportation plans to operate commuter rail service between Vancouver, WA and Portland, OR due to a planned I-5 Columbia River bridge closure. The plans are for three trips per rush period and free service.
  • In October, Oregon Department of Transportation plans to sponsor the Siemens Regio-Sprinter train for demonstration commuter-type services in the greater Portland Metropolitan area.

    Week of May 6 to May 9, 1997

    Information Courtesy Bob Krebs, Oregon Department of Transportation

    Here is ODOT's proposed schedule for operations of the IC3 Flexliner over the Portland & Western/Willamette & Pacific Railroads in May. It will be in Oregon between May 6 and May 18th. Operations in Washington, Yamhill, Clackamas and Benton Counties are to demonstrate potential interurban/commuter routes in these areas.

    Remember these schedules are very tentative at this time and are subject to further changes. Train Operations on the Portland & Western and Willamette & Pacific Railroads.

    Tuesday, May 6:

    Media Event at Portland Union Station before departure at 9:15am to Hillsboro. Static Display at Hillsboro 11:00am - 1:00pm. Depart Hillsboro at 1:15 pm for public ride to Wilsonville. Passengers return to Hillsboro by bus. Trip departs Wilsonville at 2:30pm to Beaverton. Passengers return from Tigard to Wilsonville by bus. At 3:30pm, deadhead to Newberg and put on evening display at Smurfitt Spur 6:00pm - 8:00pm. Overnight in Newburg.

    Wednesday, May 7:

    Make two public ride trips from Newberg going 20 minutes out and then back. Tickets - Newburg Chamber of Commerce (503/541) 924-6560. Approximate departure times of 8:30am and 9:30am. Run to McMinnville (may carry passengers) and public static display 11:30 am to 1:30pm. Two public rides 20 minutes out and then back departing at 2pm and 3pm . Tickets at Oregon Stationers at (503/541) 472-5181. Run to Corvallis and tie up (overnight). Public one-way ride: Independence to Corvallis at 6 PM. Call Monmouth-Independence Chamber of Commerce for tix (503/541) 838-6658.

    Thursday, May 8:

    Two public runs in the AM, 30 minutes out and then return departing at 8:30 and 10:00am. Public display in Corvallis 11:30am to 1:30pm. One public ride in the afternoon 30 minutes out and then back departing Corvallis at 2:00pm. Conclude day with one-way ride Corvallis to Albany. Will work with the Loop Bus to return passengers to Corvallis. Train set to W&P shops in Albany for maintenance and inspection (Overnight). Sorry, excursion tickets are SOLD OUT on this day.

    Friday, May 9:

    Day reserved for servicing the train. Deadheads from Albany to Portland. Cascadia Train #751 will not operate south of Portland today. Passengers traveling between Oregon and Washington stations will change trains at Portland. IC3 operates as train #751 leaving Portland at 9:10pm, arriving in Eugene at 11:45pm, making immediate stops enroute.

    Southbound Schedule - May 10th-18th Only

    Train or BusThurway Bus
    IC3 Train
    Coast Starlight
    Thurway BusThruway BusIC3 Train
    Connects FromTrain #27Train #753Direct-SEANoneNoneTrain #751
    FrequencyDailyDailyDailyMay 11-18DailyDaily
    Leave Portland, OR10:15 AM12:15 PM2:30 PMSchedule5:30 PM9:10 PM
    Leave Salem, OR11:15 AM1:26 PM3:45 PMto6:30 PM10:21 PM
    Leave Albany, OR11:50 AM1:58 PM4:17 PMBack Up7:05 PM10:53 PM
    Arrive Eugene, OR12:40 PM2:50 PM5:05 PMCorridor7:55 PM11:45 PM

    Northbound Schedule - May 10th-18th Only

    Train or BusIC3 Train
    Thruway BusThruway BusCoast Starlight
    Thruway Bus
    IC3 Train
    Connects ToCascadiaNoneNoneDirect-SEATrain #752None
    Leave Eugene, OR6:10 AM7:20 AM9:20 AM12:00 PM2:30 PM5:00 PM
    Leave Albany, OR6:55 AM8:10 AM10:10 AM12:45 PM3:20 PM5:50 PM
    Leave Salem, OR7:27 AM8:45 AM10:45 AM1:20 PM3:55 PM6:22 PM
    Arrive Portland, OR8:45 AM9:45 AM11:45 AM3:20 PM5:00 PM7:40 PM

    Week of May 10 to May 18, 1997

    Important Notes: Week of May 10th - May 18th

    During this demonstration program the Cascadia Trains #750 and #751 will not operate south of Portland. Passengers traveling between Oregon and Washington stations will change trains at Portland. This demonstration project concludes with the 7:40 PM arrival of the IC3 Flexliner train in Portland on Sunday, May 18th.

    On Sunday, May 18th, the Cascadia train #751 will run through from Seattle to Eugene and resume Amtrak's regular published schedule for Willamette Valley.

    The Coast Starlight Train and Thruway Buses schedules operate daily and are not changed by this demonstration project. The only exception will be the replacement of Thruway Bus #8753 by the IC3 Flexliner Train. No other Amtrak train schedules are changes by this demonstration project.

    FARES: The ONE-WAY fares for this demonstration run are: Portland-Eugene: $21; Portland-Albany: $16; and Portland-Salem: $12. Bucket fares (CD/CB/CA) are not applicable, and all seats are being sold at the highest coach fare (C). Kids and Senior fares are applicable as always, but no 2 for 1 Pacific Northwest coupons accepted on IC3 train segments involving trains #1753 and #1756. If you are traveling from a Washington State Station, through fares will still apply, but please note that fares will be separated at Portland (such as SEA-PDX, and PDX-EUG), with bucket fares applying to non-IC3 train segments and the highest coach fare for the IC3 train segment.

    Remember, Amtrak West Trains now use the one-way fare method, like the Northeast Corridor, so there is no such thing as discounted roundtrip fares on Amtrak West Trains.

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