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Mt. Baker Inaugural - November 30, 1998

Jan Perazzo, West Coast Express CEO and Arne Petersen, Amtrak Conductor are cutting the ribbon at Vancouver's Pacific Central Station on November 30, 1998 as part of the Mt. Baker Inaugural Ceremonies.

Amtrak's Cascades Photos - Mt. Baker Inaugural Run.
Photographs taken by Warren Yee
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Guests gathering at Vancouver's Pacific Central Station.
prior to departure.
Guests check in prior to departure.
WashARP'er Rob Morrison (right), his wife and two close friends.
Participants gathering at the platform prior to the ceremony.
Another picture of the participants at the platform.
The Mt. Baker consist is being backed into the station.
The Mt. Baker consist is nearly in position.
Stan Suchan, WSDOT Spokesperson at the Podium.
Arne Petersen, Amtrak Conductor at the Podium.
Arne Petersen, and Jan Perazzo, West Coast Express CEO
jointly at the podium.
Arne Petersen and Jan Perazzo jointly hold up the plague
to each community (with a station) along the route.
Stan Suchan introducing Jan Perazzo.
Jan Perazzo at the Podium
Stan Suchan speaking just right before the ribbon cutting ceremony
View of the exterior car number and train number display.
Emergency Talgo Window Removal Exterior Decal.
F59PHI engine at Bellingham, WA. KVOS-12 cameraman in the foreground
Another view of the F59PHI enginer at Bellingham, WA.
Ceremonies at Bellingham, WA.
Ceremonies at Bellingham, WA.
Ceremonies at Bellingham, WA.
Ceremonies at Bellingham, WA.
WashARP President, Chuck Mott enjoying the view.
WashARP Treasurer, Hans Mueller, and WashARP Director,
Ellen Barton discussing a few items.
WashARP'er Ellen Barton taling to Mukilteo City Representative,
WSDOT Jeff Schultz, is on the left.
Amtrak Pacific Northwest, Rich Mason, talking to WashARP'er
Hal Cooper (person wth glasses) and others.
Chef in action behind the Bistro counter.
Arne Petersen, Amtrak Conductor taking a quick breather.
These VIP Guests are supposed to keep Stan Suchan out of trouble
No Such luck. (These guests are Stan's mom and sister).
City of Mukilteo representatives.
WashARP'er Rock Schueman gathering data on the train.
Amtrak attendent serving out finger food.
Senate Transportation Chair, Mary Margaret Haugen talking to
several guests.
Amtrak Staff onboard the train.
Talgo-USA CEO Jean-Pierre Ruiz standing proudly on the Talgo.
Food Service Attendant, Don Bryan talking to patrons.
WashARP President Chuck Mott, and WashARP member Dan Syndar to
the right in the Bistro Car.
WSDOT's Carolyn Simmonds as volunteer wait staff.
This person not identified, but has been banned from further
VIP trips by the order of the person in the above picture.
Edmond's Mayor, Barb Fahey looking around the train.
Jeff Schultz, where is the phone!
Wheelchair lift in action.
Another picture of the wheelchair lift in action.
Mt. Vernon Ceremony.
Mt. Vernon - Burlington, WA Ceremony.
Mt. Vernon - Burlington, WA Ceremony.
Mt. Vernon - Burlington, WA Ceremony.
Riders are ready to reboard the train to points south.
Everett, WA Ceremony.
Everett, WA ceremony.
Mt. Baker train consist at Everett, WA.
Amtrak Conductor Arne Petersen, giving plague to Barb Fahey,
Mayor of Edmonds, WA.
Mt. Baker train consist at Edmonds, WA.
Edmonds, WA ceremony.

Note: Better and more descriptive picture captions are on their way. Please email me if you can identify people and/or give a better desciption in these pictures.

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