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Mt. Hood Inaugural - November 30, 1998

Talgo Pictures - Amtrak Cascades MT. Hood in Vancouver, WA area.
Photographs taken by Robert Franz Quillin.
These are actual pictures - Do not click to get larger versions.
Back end of the Mt. Hood Talgo Consist.
A side view of an Amtrak Cascades Engine and the power car.
A side view of the Mt. Hood Consist.
Another side view of the Mt. Hood Consist.
Another end view of the consist. Note the "bat wings."
A front view of the F59PHI engine.

Talgo Pictures - Amtrak Cascades MT. Hood Inaugural on November 30th.
Photographs taken by Jim Hamre
Click on a picture (thumbnail) to view a larger picture
Banner Breaking Ceremony at King St. Station prior to departure.
View of the Mt. Hood "Bat-Wings".
Lloyd Flem, WashARP Executive Director MCing the Centralia Ceremony.
View of the consist, at Portland's Union Station.
View of the consist, rounding the curve after crossing the Steel Bridge in Portland.
View of the GPS System, relaying current time, estimated arrival time,
next station stop and outside temperature.
View of the dining car, with food provided to the VIP riders.
View of the Bistro car. WashARP members Rocky Shay and Stephanie Weber
are visible in this photo.
Bicycle racks are in use in the baggage car.

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